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    Thursday, 28 April 2016


    It's been a little while since I did my last Thankful Friday post. I had some very sad news towards the start of the year and I didn't really feel up to trying to put together a list of 'happy things' so I decided to take a little break from these posts.

    I'm now getting back into my stride and have decided to kicks things off by co-hosting the lovely Jasmine's happiness link-up this week! She's been posting them weekly and it's a great way to recollect and be thankful for the little things that happen in life. This post isn't just about the last week but more an update on life lately:

    Last weekend I spent four days in Rome with Tom and I have actually fallen in love with that city. Everything from the food to the buildings to the people - Rome really is a magical place. It's now by far my favourite city in Europe.
    Somethingsomethingsomething...WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK
    The Rihanna song goes something like that right? Anyway you might remember I started a new job back in January - well I have now officially passed my three-month probation (woohoo) so they're officially stuck with me! I've worked on some brilliant campaigns - from organising a Hovis bloggers brunch to managing a campaign with the deliciously thick Joey Essex! (excuse how bad I look - it was a long day!)
    Not exactly a 'happy' topic but Louis Theroux's documentary really was one of the most important things I've seen on TV in a long time. Alcoholism is a very real illness and one which is so close to my heart. I can't describe to you how heart-breaking it is to watch on as someone you love kills themselves through drinking. Louis Theroux did a brilliant job at portraying victims of alcohol and I urge anyone who hasn't seen it to head to iPlayer.

    I took this photo of my gelato in Rome and it's one of the most food porn worthy I've ever taken!
    I know I'm late to the party on this one (like I always am!) but how good is the People vs OJ Simpson?! I literally binge watched the whole series in one week! Brilliant show but what the hell is going on with John Travolta's face?

    Now I'm working outside of London, I don't get to quite as many blogging events as I used to so it's so nice to catch up with some of my favourite people when I do! Big shout-outs to the lovely Sheepa who organised the brunch at Pulia and also to Tazz for the recent Tabl event!

    I've been putting a lot more effort into creating recipes for the blog recently and I'm really pleased with some of the content I've been creating. I'm going to dedicate a lot more time to recipes so watch this space for more foodie content coming soon!
    I hope you've enjoyed reading -  as I mentioned previously, this post is part of the Happiness Link-up. If you also blog about happy things, then be sure to join in! There are only a few basic rules:

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