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    Monday, 23 May 2016


    If I could name one holiday destination that truly appeals to me, it's the Deep South. Everything from the bluesy jazz music to the soul food and whiskeys, I just feel like Alabama, Tennessee and Louisiana are calling my name. 

    I've not made the trip over there (just) yet, but I have found a little part of London which promises to bring some of those flavours of the South home....Porky's. 
    Porky's is the brain-child of husband and wife team Joy and Simon Brigg, who after a tour of the US sampling everything that the Deep South had to offer, decided to turn their little restaurant in Camden into a Memphis style BBQ. 

    It's gone down pretty well with us Londoners, so much so that they've now got 5 locations across London which all put the hearty flavours of the South at their core.  I was recently invited down to the Bankside branch and I have to say I'm impressed (and not just by their Beer Pong tables) 
    The menu at Porky's does pretty much what it says on the tin. They're all about great tasting meat which they prepare lovingly on their smoker for up to 10 hours! You can chose from just about any pulled meat, burger or hot dog plus you've got all your comfort food classics like mac & cheese, making this a pure hangover haven.

    Talking of hangovers, there's an extensive alcohol menu here too - not just beers and wine but also a pretty impressive selection of whiskeys and bourbon giving a nice nod to their Southern influence.  
    All the food is made freshly on site every day, including all their sauces, marinades and 'sopmops' which you can use to flavour their vast selection of chicken, ribs and burgers. 
    If you do ever find yourself in Porky's, promise me you'll order the hot wings (£8 for 6). I love spicy food but these things are not playing about, that sauce is like molten lava but is so incredibly addictive, you can't stop eating them! 

    Do you know what else I liked about the wings here? The fact they serve whole wings - so many places chop them up so it's nice to have yourself a whole legs that you can gnaw down on!
    Main course-wise, Tom was impressed with his chilli dog (£8.50) - a huge bockwurst sausage in a brioche roll and topped with a spicy beef chilli and chopped onions.  Never something which appeals to me on a menu but it looked and tasted brilliant!
    I predictably went for the buttermilk fried chicken burger (£7). I literally can not resist fried chicken in a brioche bun! It was really well cooked, juicy in the middle but with a nice crunchy coating. The only thing missing for me was a good slather of hot sauce...but there was more than enough left over from the chicken wings to oblige...
    All in all we had a really good meal at Porky's. It's got a really fun, laid-back vibe and the staff are happy to leave you to your own devices whilst still being attentive and helpful. They have a beer pong tournament (with official rules) so if you're ever looking for good food, drinks and bit of fun - I'd definitely recommend you head down there! 

    18 New Globe Walk
    London, SE1 9DR

    * Our meal was complimentary. All views are my own

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