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    Tuesday, 7 June 2016


    Ask any blogger to name their favourite part about blogging and I'll bet they say the community (as clich├ęd as it sounds)

    I've met so many lovely people over the past few years. Some on twitter. Some through Instagram. Some I've even met in real life! But one of my favourite people is Megan.

    The guys at Tabl had kindly hooked Megan up with some tickets for a supper club so she took me along for a well overdue catch up!

    Tabl is a fab website where you can browse and book tickets for supper clubs across London. Our hosts for the evening were the Amba Chefs; a bespoke catering company set up by four talented ladies; Alison, Monica, Beth and Angela who believe in cooking high-quality seasonal dishes.

    Our venue for the evening was the London Cooking Project. A cosy pop-up kitchen, tucked away on a housing estate on the south side of Battersea Bridge.

    We were greeted with a glass of fizz on arrival and set about awakening our appetites with the first dishes from our Mediterranean influenced menu - warm olives and a generous helping of hummus. Starters were served in the form of delicious ricotta gnudi balls & asparagus.

    I have to confess I had no idea what a gnudi was before this night but I can tell you now, I'm a fan. Made using semolina and ricotta cheese, they're like little Italian dumplings. Far lighter and elegant than they sound on paper, these were one of the highlights for the evening for me.

    For main course, we had a beautifully presented duck confit. Duck isn't usually one of my favourite meats - I tend to find it a little greasy but I do love the challenge of eating meat on the bone!

    I know it can be off-putting to some, but I love the effort that comes from prising chunks bits off meat! Our duck was well cooked, not too dry but with a lovely crispy skin. The bed of lentils on which it was served were also nice - again not something I find myself eating often but pleasant.

    Now dessert was incredible. Actually wonderful - and the dish I was looking forward to most of all.

    I rarely see pain perdu on menus but when I do, my god I have to have it! It's basically posh eggy bread. Here, the Amba chefs soak brioche slices in an egg custard overnight then fry it off in a little butter and serve with vanilla ice cream and sprigs of the most incredible crystallised mint.

    I've tried to make it home and it never comes out right but this - it was beautiful. So indulgent and comforting.

    Overall I was hugely impressed by our experience. I've never really done the whole supper club thing before but the food, atmosphere and service were all brilliant.

    It was nice to have a table to ourselves so we could chat away but still interact with the chefs as they came around. There was also a large group there for a birthday which I thought was a fantastic idea!

    Big thank you to Megan for inviting me along and big thank you to the Amba chefs and Tabl for the tickets! Make sure you take a look at Tabl's website to find an event near you!

    The London Cooking Project
    1 Ethelburga Street, London SW11 4AG

    * We dined as guests of the Tabl

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