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    Monday, 4 July 2016


    We're pretty spoilt for choice with Japanese restaurants in London these days.

    Zuma, Roka, Nobu to name a few. But did you know Benihana was the first to make the trip across the continents 30 years ago, making this year its Pearl anniversary.

    Benihana bills itself as a Japanese steakhouse - but with a slight difference.
    The big draw at Benihana is the table-side theatrics.

    Each of the counters seat between 6-8 people so you need to get over the awkward eye contact across the table quickly but it's a great way to strike up conversations with your neighbours.

    You're seated on wooden counters around the large teppan grill which heats up to around 300 degrees while the chefs set little towers of onions on fire and catch eggs in their hats.
    We were here to try the incredibly good value Wagyu Vs Lobster lunch deal. 

    For under £20, you have the choice between two of the world's most luxurious dishes - so in the interest of the review, we of course tried out both.

    Starting off potato croquettes filled with either wagyu beef or lobster...Prawns and courgette fried in a light tempura batter....
    and a helping of tuna and salmon sushi. A lot of people can be squeamish of raw sushi so these cooked alternatives are perfect anyone unsure or for kids!
    The main courses of course were the Lobster and Wagyu dishes and a side salad 

    The lobster version came with a curry sauce, rice and some vegetables while the wagyu was served with rice and a more subtle stirfried dressing with spring onion.
    For me the Lobster dish was the better of the two - both in terms of flavour and presentation. I felt the wagyu serving was quite small - I know it's an expensive meat at a really cheap price but I felt that I would rather have paid a bit extra and got a larger serving!
    For our puddings, we had ice cream tempura - a really clever desert of deep fried ice cream. Not something I've ever tried before!

    I imagine it's terrible for your arteries but it was addictivly good! I had planned to only eat half but found myself scraping the caramel sauce from the bottom of the plate before I knew what was happening!
    Overall our experience at Benihana was good. The lunch meal deal was good value for the amount of food that you're served so it's definitely worth treating your lunch as your dinner!

    It's not exactly in the same league as the premium Japanese food that I've tried before but it was an enjoyable lunch and it's worth the experience of watching the chefs at work.

    Some of the dishes at Benihana don't require the Teppan so I would definitely stress that if you go, order something which involves the chefs cooking it in-front of you. A restaurant like this is all about the spectacle and theatrics - plus who doesn't like watching a chef catch an egg in his hat?

    77 Kings Road, Chelsea
    SW3 4NX
    * Our food was complimentary. 
    All opinions are honest
    Benihana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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