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    Monday, 11 July 2016


    Things have got a bit ice-cream heavy on the blog lately...and I'm okay with that.

    As soon as the sun comes out, it's the only thing I want to eat and what's better than eating an ice cream that you've made yourself?

    I was recently invited down to the Magnum Pleasure Store on South Molton Street to get behind the counter and design my very own Magnum!

    The Pleasure Store, which opened on 1 June, allows chocoholics to build their very own ice cream, from the chocolate coating down to the extravagant toppings.
    First up chose your toppings from the twenty on offer, including pistachios, goji berries, pearls and sea salt!...
    and give them a good mix in your cocktail shaker.
    Next take your 'naked' Magnum (you don't need to look quite as scared as I do!)
    and dip it into the luscious melted chocolate....
    not once but twice....
    Once set - grab your shaker of toppings and pour all over your ice cream...
    Add another drizzle of melted chocolate for good measure...
    and voila! You have yourself one hell of an Instagram worthy Magnum Ice Cream! Almost too pretty to eat (almost).
    The Pleasure Store is open until 16th September with single Magnums priced £4.50 and double dippers costing you £6.50. Seriously you have no excuse not to be heading there ASAP!

    Magnum Pleasure Store
    56 South Molton Street
    London, W1K 5SH

    * I was a guest of Magnum

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