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    Tuesday, 23 August 2016


    When I'm not at work, I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen. Whether I'm cooking, eating or making cups of tea.

    It's my favourite room in the house and the one I obsessively scour Pinterest for decorating ideas

    I bought my flat (almost) four years ago and the kitchen was one of the first rooms I decorated. We ripped the whole kitchen out and transformed my living room into an open plan kitchen/lounge, making my former kitchen into a bedroom.

    Fast forward four years and while I still love my little cooking space, there's so many things I would love to re-do so I thought I would put together a post on what my dream kitchen would look like and some advice which I learnt from decorating the first time around.
    For me, and lots of others judging by Instagram & Pinterest, the overall feel of the kitchen has to be light, white and airy, with just a few pops of colour.

    When I moved in, I was really into black and grey, which is the look I've currently got in my flat but I adore my mum's kitchen (pictured above). Having lots of natural light and white surfaces makes such a difference when you're preparing food, especially if it's going to be photographed for the blog!

    This has to be the feature of every dream kitchen. My kitchen has a lovely middle island which houses my induction hob, fridge and freezer and also doubles for a breakfast bar.

    You don't need masses of spaces to have an island, as long as you have a good level of clearance between the wall and the units you should be okay. Bare in mind that the sink and oven will likely need to stay on a fixed wall and then you can plan which features can go on the island accordingly.

    I scoured loads of websites before deciding on which units to chose for my kitchen. PlumbTiles and Howdens are great places to try, with the latter being the place where I eventually found my kitchen.

    Aesthetics are obviously a key factor in your decision but make sure your thinking about storage - it's pointless having a pretty kitchen if it's going to cluttered by pots and pans which you can't fit in the cupboards!
    If I could change one thing in my kitchen it would be the kitchen sink.  I have a round basin which I went for to save on space but it can actually be a little tricky when coming to do the washing up! If I re-decorated, I would definitely opt for a larger basin, along with a hot water tap - so you don't need a kettle!

    The big trend at the moment seems to be for marble worktops, which while an Instagram dream, aren't good for a working kitchen! Marble is soft so gets scratched very easily and as it's porous can also suffer from staining from things like red wine or strawberries! I much prefer granite surfaces which have a just a little sparkle. 

    I've got a long list of  that I would fit my dream kitchen out with. A wine chiller, KitchenAid and a pantry are currently topping the list but simply having artificial flowers and little trinkets make all the difference in injecting some personality into your work-space. 
    So there you have it, my guide to creating the perfect kitchen space. I'd love to hear how you've decorated your kitchens or what your dream kitchen looks like in the comments below!

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