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    Wednesday, 3 August 2016


    I've written about this restaurant before - but the picture quality was terrible - so I thought I'd do another post and when you've got steaks at this value, who could blame me!

    I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with the premise of Flat Iron. Steak for a tenner. Yep, all that steak for ten English pounds. 
    What started off as a summer pop-up has evolved into a four restaurant empire, with permanent spots across Soho, Shoreditch and Covent Garden.

    The key to its success is offering their Flat Iron steaks for just £10. The Flat Iron or butlers steak as some people call it, is an inexpensive but incredibly tender cut found in the shoulder of the cow.

    You might be sceptical of a piece of meat at this price but I promise it's good. 
    You even get popcorn to nibble on while you wait for your meal to cook!
    The steaks are cooked to perfection: chargrilled on the outside and fleshy and pink on the inside.

    Your tenner will get you a steak and house salad then it's up to you to chose from the side dishes.

    I recommend the chips, creamed spinach and béarnaise sauce!
    Oh and the icing on the cake: you get free ice cream on your way out (rolled in Mast Brothers chocolate no less)
    You can't book (like most places!) but the Covent Garden branch is pretty big so you shouldn't have to wait for long. It's definitely worth the wait though so get yourself down there!

    Flat Iron
    9 Denmark Street, Covent Garden
     WC2H 8LS

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