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    Monday, 26 September 2016


    A couple of weeks ago, I did the BEST thing ever.…I booked a whole week off work.

    I didn’t have a holiday booked or anything. I literally spent the whole week at home, writing, eating and basically pretending I was a full-time blogger for the week. And it was pretty frickin’ awesome.

    During said week, I found an incredible restaurant. Now hands up who likes pasta? Come on that’s got to be everybody right…well you guys are going to LOVE this one. It has ALL the carbs..

    ...I give you: Savure London.

    It's a shiny new artisan pasta place tucked away in oh so trendy East London which specialises in home-made fresh pasta.

    The restaurant itself has a bit of 'canteen' style feel, with bright white tables, yellow and red furnishings throughout and cute potted herbs on every table...oh and there's even bloody colanders hanging from the ceiling!

    Like I said before, Savure, like all true Italians, pride themselves on their pasta making expertise and boast over 12 different types (including chickpea and durum wheat pastas).

    The idea of the menu is a bit DIY and super value for money. You choose which type of pasta you want, along with a sauce and it's all cooked up fresh in the restaurant's open plan kitchen. 
    You're charged based on the type of sauce you order; you can get a simple butter & parmesan for just £8 through to the more premium regional and seafood sauces which cost up to about £11.50.

    I'd personally recommend the filled pastas (speck, radicchio and Ricotta cheese was my fav) topped with amatriciana sauce. An INSANE portion topped with parmesan cheese and it only cost £10 - ridiculously good value. 

    As well as the incredible pastas, there's lots of other Italian favourites on the menu which you can enjoy as starters or accompaniments to your main dishes.

    OBVIOUSLY I have to recommend the Burrata. I've fallen in love with the stuff since my visit to Pulia and the offering here is just amazing. Delicious silky burrata sat atop an Italian style bagel and absolutely smothered in tomatoes.

    I should probably have gotten that gorgeous shot where the cheese erupts and oozes seductively when you cut into it but i’ll be honest, I was doing my best to just put my camera away so I could dive head first into this beast...
    I also love, love loved the charcuterie platters. If you're going to do an Italian deli, then you really do have to sample every one of the meats they have on offer, am I right? 

    Piled high with salami, prosciutto and olives, the 'tagliere di affettati' (£15.50) is definitely worth an order and you'l get to taste some of the finest produce from your favourite Italian regions. 
    Not only can you eat all of this deliciousness in the restaurant, but you can get takeaway (hello perfect carb-laden lunch spot for all you Shoreditch workers) AND you can buy fresh pastas and sauces so you can knock up for yourself at home. What is better than that aye?
    Savure London is open from 7.30am-10pm (yes they do breakfast) on Monday-Friday and from 11am-10pm on Saturdays!

    20 Paul St, 
    London EC2A 4JH
    * My food was complimentary 
    All opinions are honest

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