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    Friday, 23 September 2016


    Walking through the doors of the Thai Square Spa is an almost dream like experience.
    Away from the beeping horns of the taxis, buses and traffic outside, you're greeted by a modern but cosy reception and the warm sweet smell of essential oils. 
    The Spa is housed in what used to be an old Turkish baths and comes complete with 11 massage rooms, a Vichy Shower treatment room, ice fountain, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. 

    I was here to try their latest offering, the Himalayan ritual massage, an hour long massage in the spa's Himalayan Salt Room designed to help you relax, unwind and forget the stresses of modern life.

    All you need to do is slip into your slippers and dressing gown..
    and then head downstairs to the treatment rooms.
    The waiting area is lined with soft white beds where you can relax with a cup of green tea until your therapist is ready to take you off to your treatment room.   
    The Himalayan Rituals massage is based around the healing qualities of Himalayan salts.

    Found deep down within the rivers and valleys of the famous mountains, these pink salts offer a host of benefits including stimulated circulation, hydrated skin, increased moisture retention and detoxed skin. 

    The salts are also said to help reduce muscle pain and aches - plus reduce stress and lead to a better night sleep.
    And I can vouch for just that. I spent an incredible hour being rubbed with luxurious essential oils whilst I drifted away to the sounds of crashing waves and pan-pipes. Poor bliss. I came away feeling a lot calmer, softer and far less stressed that when I went in! 

    The Himalayan Salt Massage costs £110 (about standard for central London) and lasts for an hour.

    Thai Square Spa
    25 Northumberland Avenue, London
    WC2N 5AP

    * My treatment was complimentary
    Some photos within this post were provided by Thai Square Spa

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