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    Monday, 12 September 2016


    If you've checked the weather forecast lately (or looked out the window), we're expecting a mini heat-wave here in London - which I guess makes up for the fact we didn't really have a summer. 

    And what's the best thing about heatwaves? Eating ALL of the ice cream of course.
    By now you'll know I'm a big Haagen Dazs fan. Remember THOSE dream-shakes or the time I introduced you to their limited edition Strawberries and Cream bar?

    Well three new flavours have been added to their range which are perfect to enjoy in this late summer sunshine. 
    There's creamy vanilla ice cream encased in Belgian chocolate with caramel and almonds...
     Super on-trend salted caramel...
    and my personal favourite: white chocolate and almond.
    Indulgent vanilla ice cream and crunchy almonds all dipped in the finest white Belgian chocolate - perfection!
    As with all Haagen Dazs ice cream, you're guaranteed the highest quality ingredients in innovative flavours and formats. 

    I love these new single serve stick bars. They're perfect as an after dinner treat or to eat in the garden when the weather is hot. Plus it's handy to have ice cream on the go rather than just a big tub which sits in the freezer!
    You can find each of the flavours for £2.29 at Tesco Express, Co-Op and various independent retailers. Go grab one and enjoy the last of the sunshine while it's still here!

    * This post was sponsored by Haagen Dazs

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