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    Friday, 28 October 2016


    Big news guys.

    You know how much I love breakfast....and you know how much I LOVE Instagram?

    Well those clever people at Quaker Oats have combined my two favourite things and launched the UK's first Instagram driven cafe!
    Cafe with cereal boxes
    Breakfast cereals on shelf
    Yep - a whole cafe dedicated to porridge where the menu changes every 30 depending on which dish has the most likes on Instagram!
    bowl of porridge with berries
    They've teamed up with ex-GBBO winner Edd Kimber (AKA the The Boy Who Bakes) and We are Food founder Anna Jones to create the dishes which will be battling it out each day.

    You can expect to see everything from chocolate and blackberry through to chilli and black sesame seed...and even bacon!
    floral arrangement
    All the porridge and coffee is free but there's also a charity box so you can make a contribution towards chosen charity, the Magic Breakfast.

    The cafe is open from 9am-12pm all this weekend so make sure you head to Instagram to vote for your favourite..then get down there so you can eat it!

    Truman Brewery
    91 Brick Lane, Shoreditch

    * I was invited for a sneaky-peek of the Oat Cafe before it opened

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    1. Hey there guys, newbie here. I’ve lurked about here for a little while and thought I’d take part in! Looks like you’ve got quite a good place here Instagram