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    Tuesday, 11 October 2016


    So you may or may not have seen/read/heard the incredibily exciting news that my boyfriend has moved in with me.....can you tell I'm still a little bit giddy at the whole thing?

    I think that's why it's been a little bit quite round here lately. I haven't dumped my blog for my boyfriend or anything, we've just been busy moving everything in, binge-watching boxes sets (how good is the Walking Dead btw) and generally enjoying not being separated by 200 miles of motorway.

    The whole moving in together thing has actually been FAR easier than I thought too. We haven't argued, I haven't found any annoying traits in him (yet) and he's actually way tidier than I'd anticipated!

    The hardest part though: re-decorating our flat. I've had my flat for four years and the decor has always very 'me'. Now Tom's here, I wanted to make it so it's more 'ours' so I've been pinning scouring Pinterest (my new obsession) for inspiration:

    montage of homeware items
    1 - Bear Pillow - Argos
    2 - Candle - H&M
    3 - Fluffy Pillow - H&M
    4 - Pineapple Candle - H&M
    5 - Furry Throw - H&M
    6 - Heart Clock - Next 
    7 - Candle Holder - Zara
    8 - Printed Rug - Zara Home
    9 - Candle Holder - Zara
    10 - Vase - House of Fraser
    11 - Wicker Storage Basket - Zara Home

    What do you think? It's still quite pink - with quite a lot of girlie touches - but I think Tom might let me get away it or I'l send him back to Liverpool 

    If anyone has any home-ware places they can recommend, definitely send them over. I've now got a mini office in the flat so I'm really keen to find some cute bits to start decorating it with!

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