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    Friday, 21 October 2016


    I've said it before but if I ever get reincarnated, I want to come back as a Wagyu Cow

    They live the dream: they drink beer, they get massaged...they even get to listen to classical music - and aside from the whole being slaughtered for their meat part.. they have a pretty cushy life.

    It's this pampered life which gives wagyu beef it's distinctive flavour - and it's hefty price tag...but I've found the perfect place if you're after something a little more purse friendly: Soho Joe
    Mini pepperoni pizzas
    The team at Soho Joe are known for their delicious stone-baked pizzas - which you can pick up for £5 before 5pm on Mondays and Tuesdays - and their grilled burgers. 

    They're based right on Dean Street and keep great value at the heart of their business, which is exactly what they've done whilst welcoming Wagyu to their menu. 

    They use the same supplier as Heston so the quality is top notch and while the meat has the most incredible flavour, the prices are very much affordable. 
    wagyu beef with beef burger slidersThe beef comes from cattle bred in the hills of Wales, where they get plenty of space to roam and they're kept topped up with a daily glug of Monty' beer (#LIFEGOALS) to help give it that distinctive taste. 

    You can pick up the burger itself for a tenner or make it a double patty for £15. You do have to pay extra for sides (£3 for fries) but you can't really complain about a burger and chips of this quality for just £13!

    The team also plan to offer a 'guest steak' from time-to-time so you'll be able to get your hands on some of the incredible waygu steak too and you can also order the very same beer the cows drink!pint of beer with portion of fries
    The Wagyu Burger launched earlier this week so you can head there now to get your hands on one - but hurry, something tells me this one's going to sell-out quickly!

    Soho Joe
    22-25 Dean St, London W1D 3RY

    * We were invited to the launch
    All food/drink was complimentary but opinions are honest!
    Soho Joe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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