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    Monday, 28 November 2016


    You know that phrase 'never judge a book by it's cover'? There's no restaurant which that applies to more so than Asadal.

    Located right on the busy Holborn intersection, next to some stands selling "I heart LDN" memorabilia, it doesn't look all that appealing from the outside....but head down the stairs and you'll be in one of London's busiest Korean restaurants.

    Tom and I headed along on a Thursday evening with pretty low expectations as we made our way down the stairs and into the main dining room....but I assure you, we couldn't have been more wrong.

    First off this place is huge! They cater for 120 seats with each table housing its own little BBQ ready in expectation of the main event, the Korean BBQ.

    We've tried Korean food a few times in the past, but I'm in no way an expert so we decided to try one of the set menus on offer so we could explore all the dishes.

    You start off with a soup, as is Asian tradition, with our choice being the Man Du, a light flavoursome broth with homemade dumplings.

    It amazes me how the chefs manage to pack so much flavour into a translucent liquid!
    Next, comes Jap Che: a mixture of vegetables and beef pan-fried with noodles, soy sauce and spices.

    The texture is a little gluttonous...but the crunch from the vegetables and their slightly salty flavour makes them incredibly moreish.  

    Korean Fried chicken (Kan Poong Gi) is a huge part of the cuisine and we simply loved the KFC here!

    Sweet and sticky but with that afterburn of spice which hits you out of nowhere...I could have ordered at least three bowls.
    This next dish I wasn't too keen on: Mo Dum Jeon.

    Small chunks of courgette, prawn, mushrooms and white fish lightly fried in an egg batter. For me, everything tasted just a little too much of egg to be enjoyable...a bit little bite-sized pieces of omelette. 
    That was the only real negative as this next dish is a definite winner.

    Also known as Bulgogi, this is the famous DIY BBQ element of Korean cuisine, and where all the fun begins.

    A plate full of marinated beef is brought up to your table ready to be poured onto the now roaring gas BBQ hidden beneath.

    You get to work frying it off until it's cooked to your taste (slightly pink for us)...
    Then you grab a lettuce leaf...

    Coat it with a little bean curd and top with some veggies...
    then load up with some of your meat...
    and roll up 'till you've got yourself your very own Korean-style burrito!
    Don't be afraid to get stuck into the kimchi too - the thought of fermented cabbage might not sound too appealing but this a staple on Korean dinner tables

    It's crunchy, spicy and also kind of salty, and you can pair it with practically ANY dish! I promise it will elavate your wraps to a whole new level of deliciousness!
    I hope you're still hungry by this point as there's one last dish - the Bibimbap!

    This might actually be my favourite. It's a really simple dish - basically just meat, rice and veggies - but boy does it pack some flavour.

    It's made right in front of you at your table and I promise it's worth saving room for.
    The only way to round off your meal is with a plate of fresh fruit (I promise you won't want anything else!)
    Asadal is a fun place to spend an evening, especially with a big group of you - this is the kind of food which is perfect for sharing.

    Service is pretty laid back, we were there for well over two hours so I wouldn't head there if you're in a rush but a Friday night with some cocktails and beers would be perfect!

    224 High Holborn, London WC1V 7DA

    * I was invited to review Asadal
    All opinions and BBQ love are my own
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