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    Thursday, 15 December 2016


    By now you've probably worked out that I love a brunch

    Do you remember my round-up of my favourites in London?

    Well this next place isn't quite going to make that list, but I promise you it's a lot of FUN.

    Let me introduce you to the 90s Brunch....
    The 90s Brunch does exactly what it says on the tin.

    As soon as you step inside the venue (which changes with each event), you're transported back to a time when platform trainers and those trouser/skirt combos were cool...

    There's everything from hula hooping and roller-blades to lip-sync battles and people in head-to-toe 90s fancy dress
    All whilst the DJ (who looks a lot like Honey G) blasts out Backstreet Boys and Spice Girl tunes.
    I'll be honest, the food is a bit strange...

    You don't often get served a chicken curry at a brunch but this place isn't really about the's the whole experience.

    The menu does change with each venue so being a Chinese theme bar, it's no surprise we were served Spring Rolls and Chicken Curry but you can also expect anything from fish finger sandwiches and chicken drumsticks through to beef chilli burgers!

    In summary the whole place is just MAD...but I would totally go back with all my friends especially for a hen-do!
    Tickets are £35 which includes your entry, 3 course brunch and an hour's worth of bottomless cocktails. So grab your Scary Spice wig and head down to one of the next events on 17th Dec, January 14th or January 28th!

    * I was invited to review the 90s Brunch
    Some photos were provided by the 90s Brunch photographer

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