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    Saturday, 17 December 2016


    So do you remember that time that I told you guys, how I don't really like Pizza?

    Well I think I'm becoming a convert.

    It's not that I dislike it or's just that I'd never choose it from a menu but now I think that's all changing. 

    I mean just look at this....
    That, my friends, is the personalised pizza which I tried down at Mod Pizza in Leicester Square and is part of the reason I'm giving Pizza a chance. 

    Mod Pizza is already a big thing in the States and they've made the move across the Pond and I for one, think they're going to do really well. 
    It's a pretty simple concept, they do pizzas and salads which you can personalise with as many toppings as you like, all at a set price of £7.87

    A bit like a Subway for pizzas I guess?
    Apparently the owners were inspired by the authentic street-food of Italy...but also the Mod era of 1960s England (which kind of explains the soundtrack of The Smiths and The Clash). 

    Bit of an odd mix - but the food is really very good. 
    You can Mod-ify your pizza or salad as much as you want at no extra charge - just the flat fee of £7.87

    You can either start with one of their suggested pizzas and add or take away toppings or go all out and build your own from scratch. 
    Once you've chosen what you want, they give you a little buzzer with a GPRS tracker so you can go take a seat anywhere in the three-floor restaurant and when your food is ready, they come find you and deliver it to your table. 
    And you really won't be waiting long. The salads are ready instantly and made with super-fresh ingredients in-front of you and the pizzas arrive within 5 minutes of sitting down. 
    The pizzas are good too. The base is thin and crisp and fully loaded with all your toppings.... 

    I wouldn't say it's the most authentic Italian pizza i've ever tried but it's decent food, especially for the location and price. I imagine they'll do well out of the tourists lingering in nearby Leicester Square!
    Plus the good news is it's not just for London folk either, Mod Pizza have restaurants in Leeds, Bristol, Gateshead and Nottingham. 

    So if you're looking for a cheap but decent place to eat, Mod Pizza is well worth a try!

    Mod Pizza
    17-18 Irving Street, Leicester Square
    WC2H 7AT
    * We were invited to review Mod Pizza

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