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    Sunday, 8 January 2017


    Remember when I used to do the weekly posts on a Friday - you know the ones where I rounded up 10 good things in the week?

    Yeah I kind of stopped doing them - and I'm not really sure why - so this year, I've decided to bring them back!

    This time though it's going to be a little different. Firstly they're now going live on a Sunday and they're going to round up all aspects of my week - the good and the bad.

    So grab a cuppa and get ready for the first instalment of my weekly barometer:


    I couldn't kick the first barometer off without a mention of Christmas! It feels SO long ago but I honestly had the BEST Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Day up North with Tom's family and Boxing Day in Beaconsfield with mine - which basically meant two Christmas days and more importantly two Christmas dinners.

    We ate so much, spent time with all the people we love and got some amazing gifts. I also got to spend time with all my friends and even took part in a bloggers secret santa with where I received a popcorn maker! All in all - best Christmas EVER!

    Do you ever go to a restaurant and think OMG I love it here, I'm going to come back all the time and then just kind of don't...yeah we're a bit guilty of that.

    We're so lucky that we get to discover new restaurants all the time through my blog but it's SO nice when you actually go back somewhere you love.

    Rose & Rose in Richmond is one of those places. We headed back there last weekend and it reminded me just how much I love it. The menu is a fusion of modern British with Asian influence and the whole place is decorated with the most incredible colourful, flambouyant decor which makes me want to completely redecorate my flat.

    It's also right next to Richmond Park (you know the one with all the deer) so we braved the cold afterwards and took a little stroll before heading home for tea and the last bit of Christmas cake before the healthy eating started again....
    After a month of excess, I'm proud to say that this month I'm taking part in Dry January.

    For me, Dry January isn't about a 'detox' or being healthy, it's about driving awareness of Alcohol Concern and raising money for a charity which helps support alcoholics and their families. Losing someone you love to alcohol addiction is one of the worst pains imaginable and I hope that any money I can raise will help get the people affected the support they so badly need.

    If you want to support my efforts, I've set up a fund-raising page for Alcohol Concern over here.

    Okay so, I wasn't sure whether to put this in the good or bad section because on the one hand, I miss eating a wheel of cheese at every meal but on the other, it would be really nice to not feel quite as fluffy as I do right now.

    I haven't got back into my usual training routine yet (that's next week) but I have gone back to tracking my macros which means no fad diets, just proper, nutritious foods like this INCREDIBLE dinner. Dreamy.


    I am in far worse a routine now than I was before Christmas. Pre-festive break, I was getting up at 6.45am, going to the gym and feeling completely rested. Now...I'm tired all the time and I've overslept twice. Fingers crossed by next week, I'll be back into the swing of my routine and ready to actually make a dent in some of these 2017 goals I've set myself....

    2. THE COLD
    Someone told me the other day the weather is going to turn colder than Russia. Bloody Russia. It's like -23 degrees over there so I don't believe that's quite true but I am also really not ready for it to be even -1 degrees.

    So we got into the Walking Dead towards the end of last year and binge watched the HELL out of it until we caught up with everyone else....and now we're like ehhh. Season 7 has been SO slow and we kinda gave up watching it two episodes short of the mid-season finale. Should we get back into it - I really don't know guys...if you watch it can you please tell me if it's worth sticking with!

    Rock & Rose Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


    1. These kind of posts are honestly my fave. So glad you had such a lovely Christmas period lovely, totally feel you on the month of excess, I attempted Dry Jan (failed after a particularly rough day) but am excited to not feel so much like a huge chunk of cheese haha!


    2. Awww you go girl! I'm making a huge attempt at losing the baby weight from my middle, I put on a bit over Christmas so am determined to eat in 80/20 proportions and cut out the chocolate haha :D I have found The Walking Dead so uneventful also! xx

      elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
      (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    3. I am so not ready to get back into the work routine! Combined with jetlag it is going to be tough. I love the idea of dry Jan but we have some important birthdays this month so it's just not going to happen - good luck!

      Jasmin Charlotte

    4. Yayyy so glad you liked the Pop corn maker :D
      I choose it for you !!
      Alex ox