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    Sunday, 22 January 2017


    Ahh Sunday.

    I usually try to write these posts in advance and schedule them to go out in the morning for you guys to read - but - this week was a little bit busy so I've decided to curl up on the sofa with my laptop and just bash it out now instead.

    I've also decided I need to start brainstorming ideas for this post through the week which makes it LOT easier to remember what the hell I've been doing!

    Anyway it's been a bit of a crazy week of events, dinners and binge watching netflix so here's my highlights:


    Not the holiday home, no, but THE cutest little brunch place over in Bankside.

    They already have places in King's Cross and Exmouth Market but this is their third and its housed in the most gorgeous setting.

    In what used to be an old Metal Box factory, it's now been restored into an industrial style dining room where they serve hand-carved charcuterie, cheeses and homemade breads.

    I went for breakfast last week and it was INCREDIBLE. Order the baked eggs and an Americano to set you up for the day. Dreamy.
    My new Netflix obsession.

    It's about an ex-Marine who gets roped into a Government conspiracy involving the President and an assignation plot. No spoilers here but it's SO gripping from start to finish and it's only 10 episodes long so I recommend you go watch it.

    Oh and did I mention Ryan Phillippe is the main character?

    I went to a fab event with Tesco and florist to the stars Jamie Aston earlier this week.

    We learnt how to make some gorgeous heart shaped bouquets ahead of Galentine's Day on 13th February and I also picked up some fab tips from their head florist, Michelle Buck, on how to keep your flowers fresh for days!

    It was SO fun and informative - plus I've discovered flower arranging is basically like therapy. Keep your eyes peeled for a full post coming soon!

    So I dropped my iPhone again and now I've got a GIANT crack down the screen again. It's manageable for now and I refuse to pay to get it fixed but I am thinking I should probably invest in a new case at some point.

    Seriously though, does anyone actually own a iPhone without a cracked screen?

    First world problems maybe but four nights out this week left me absolutely frazzled by the weekend.

    When I say 'late' I was home by 11pm or 12am each time but I'm such an old lady I can't cope going to bed any later than 10.30pm. I only have one event lined up for this week so I'm planning lots of early bed-times and cosy nights on the sofa to recover!

    Hope you've all had a great week - what did you get up to?
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    1. I'm totally the same, late nights can so throw me off during the week! I've been wanting to go to Caravan for ages. Need to give it a go at one of their new places!

      Jasmin Charlotte

    2. Caravan sounds so tasty - and it's not far from my office - this could start a naughty little habit!

    3. Caravan Bankside?!?! This could be a life changer for me!!!!! =)

      Also, I still haven't checked Shooter but I've heard many good things!

      Have a lovely week ahead, hun!