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    Monday, 30 January 2017


    Guys, I'm sorry. I know this post was supposed to go out yesterday and I had all the good intentions in the world of posting it...but I just kinda didn't.

    I don't really have any excuse for not posting either, because we spent ALL of Saturday lounging around the flat, doing nothing, I just didn't really feel like doing anything blog related.

    I'll be honest. I've kinda felt like I'd lost my blogging mojo recently. I don't know what it is, it's just the words don't seem to be coming to me so I thought rather than stressing myself out, I should have some time off and d'ya know what? I think it's worked.

    I feel like I actually want to write again - rather than feeling like I have to. I've still got lots of things I want to change or that I feel I need to work on but for now I'm feeling excited about creating content again and I guess that's the main thing, right?

    SO here's the positives and negatives from last week...


    Which is basically THE longest name for a restaurant ever.

    It's a vintage-styled Gastropub tucked away near Westfield in White City which just so happens to have a nightclub/bar upstairs where Idris Elba is known to get on the decks.

    The restaurant itself serves incredible food and the decor is stunning BUT the service is a little slow. We headed there for my best friend's birthday and I'd definitely recommend trying out their two-course set menu. It's the perfect spot for dinner and cocktail and you can carry on the party in the main bar upstairs!

    Last week I went to a Digital Bootcamp in London where I learnt loads of skills from content planning,  copy-writing and SEO. It's perfect for both my blog and my day-job and I left feeling super invigorated and it reminded me how much I love learning.

    So much so that I've signed up to do a short-course with NCC learning*. I'm doing a PA diploma course which I'll be studying from home of the next few weeks and I'm super excited to get started.

    Not that I have any burning desires to become anyone's assistant any-time soon, I just feel like it will give me some solid office skills which I can use in both my blog and working capacity #OrganisationSkillsonFleek

    So I mentioned it was my best friend's birthday celebrations last Saturday so I picked up the most Instagram-worthy chocolate gateaux from Patisserie Valerie* to celebrate!

    The Madame Valerie is a limited edition gateau made with chocolate sponge, caramel cream layers and honeycomb topped with salted caramel and white chocolate truffles. It's INSANE.

    It's a limited edition cake designed by one of Patisserie Valerie's customers and it's only on sale in stores still April! I highly recommend you go and buy yourself a slice! Honestly one of the best cakes we've ever eaten! 

    Just one day navigating the Jubilee line again was enough to remind me how lucky I am NOT to be working in London anymore. I have NO idea how I dealt with doing that every single day (and I;m sure a lot of you still do!)

    Yeah I've kinda covered this one already so I won't dwell on it too much. I've felt a bit 'meh' about my blog for the last week or so but I think taking a few days 'off' has helped me to re-focus and I'm already feeling a lot better about sitting down to create content again!

    I hope you've all had a great week! What have you been up to?

    Paradise by Way of Kensal Green Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
    *Press Samples


    1. That cake looks insanely good! I've found it harder to get the blog posts out recently and find myself agonising over each word - so frustrating but I think the current world situation and my impending move abroad is to blame so hopefully I'll get back into the swing of writing soon! x

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