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    Monday, 2 January 2017


    Ah the humble scone. Who knew these little parcels of deliciousness could cause quite so much controversy.

    There's debates on how you say the word (if like me, you say scones as in bones, then you are correct. End of discussion)

    And there's even disputes about whether you put the cream or the jam on first - but one thing we can all agree on, is that they taste bloody good and you really can't have an afternoon tea without them!
    Afternoon tea is about as British as you can get. I love a good Afternoon Tea. I've been all over London trying out the new and quirky places but every once in a while, it's nice to stay at home and make your own!

    So in the spirit of DIY, I've teamed up with Rice Dream to bring you a recipe which would be perfect for your next afternoon tea spread.
    Now if you haven't heard of Rice Dream before, it's a dairy-free milk alternative which doesn’t compromise on taste or consistency, making it perfect to pour in your cuppa.  

    Personally, I'm not allergic to dairy but I am partial to using almond and coconut milk as alternatives so in the spirit of trying it out, I wanted to give it a go to see how it would stack up against the real deal....

    What you'll need
    360g self raising flour
    pinch of salt
    2 eggs
    75g butter
    1 & 1/2 tsp baking powder
    75g sultanas
    30g caster sugar
    150ml Rice Dream milk
    What you'll need to do 
    1. Preheat your oven to 220°C and prepare your baking tray by lightly greasing it, ready for the scones to go in the oven later.

    2. Mix your flour, baking powder, salt and butter in a mixing bowl, rubbing with your fingers until you've got a crumbly mixture, a little like breadcrumbs.

    3. Next add the sugar, sultanas, eggs and rice milk and mix it all together with a knife until it forms a soft, wet dough. Don't be alarmed if the dough is sticky, it's meant to be!
    4. Next, sprinkle some flour on your work-surface and tip the dough out of your bowl. Pat/spread it all out into a rectangle shape about 2cm deep. You can use extra flour to make it more manageable but don't over-work it!

    5. Cut out as many rounds as you can with the dough (you can repeat the last step as many times as you can so you get as many from the dough as possible!) and then lay them out on your baking sheet so they have a little space between each one.

    6. Brush the tops of the scones with a little egg wash and bake for about 10 minutes or until they have risen and turned a lovely golden colour.

    7. Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack, before slicing and piling up with jam and cream (or a dairy free substitute if you're allergic!)
    So the verdict? Pretty bloody good. You definitely can't taste the difference in the scones OR the tea which I was a big fan of!

    Almond milk tends to have a bit of nutty taste, which is fab in coffee, but in tea...not so much so I'd definitely recommend giving rice milk a try if you're looking for an alternative to cows milk.

    Plus if you're keen to try it for yourself, Rice Dream are running an on-shelf ‘try me for free’ campaign, where you'll be guaranteed your money back if you'd don't like the taste! The promotion will only be available on 120,000 packs though so make it snappy!

    * This post was sponsored by Rice Dream
    You can buy Rice Dream from Tesco and Asda with an RRP: £1.49
    This post feature's in Gingey Bites Weekend Brunch Club & Honest Mum's Brilliant Blog Posts


    1. These look amazing - love the idea of using a non-dairy milk!

    2. Thank you for adding your recipe to my Weekend Brunch Club linky, looks delicious! :-)

    3. These look wonderful and must try these for my non-dairy friends x

    4. I love scones and these ones look and sound lovely! Especially with jam and clotted cream! x #weekendbrunchclub