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    Saturday, 4 February 2017


    It feels like AGES since I've done a restaurant review on here - and even longer since I've written about a burger place, which for me, is completely out of character.

    You know I love burgers and I know you love reading about them so today I'm just going to give you what we've all been missing...
    Yep it's Yeah! Burger. Now, you know this one already....don't tell me you've forgotten about THAT Scotch Egg burger?

    It's still the same Yeah! Burger, tucked away down the back of a quirky pub in Kings Cross - it's just the menu has changed a's got healthy?
    I know, right. You're thinking the same as me. How can you have a healthy a burger place?

    Well don't panic, the burgers are still GREAT... it's just the sides which have gone 'lighter'.

    On the new menu, there's no more chicken wings or deep fried cheese balls (boohoo) but there's waist-line friendly salads and crispy broccoli and if you're on a 2017 health kick, I'm sure that's great news for y'all
    But for me, no no. When I go out to eat, I am all about the #CheatDayTreats and I'm happy to report, despite it's new green vibes, you can still totally get your fix at Yeah! Burger. 

    My OG Burger was brilliant. It was packed to almost bursting point (like every good burger should be) with beef patty, bacon, avocado, cheese and lettuce. 

    It dribbles and it oozes and you're gonna need napkins but I promise it's worth every last calorie. 
     As are the fries. The Gringa fries to be exact.

    Skinny french fries piled up with cheddar cheese and a jalapeno mayo which completely reminds me of my 4am drunken cheesy chip days and I mean that as the HIGHEST of compliments.

    Because that's what makes a great burger place. A good burger place is calorie-laden and it's unashamedly so. It is by definition cheat day food.

    They used to do the most insane oxtail chilli cheese fries here so I was super sad to see they've been replaced with the new lighter options.

    So Yeah! Burger: I love you. I love your burgers...but please, for me, drop the broccoli and let us have our lovely grease back...

    Yeah! Burger at Star of Kings
    126 York Way 
    London N1 OAX 

    * Our meal was complimentary but my opinions are completely honest
    Yeah! Burger @ The Star of Kings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


    1. I'm with you, meals out are all about the cheat day foods, less broccoli and more fries I say!! :)

    2. I'm not keen on burgers really, they give me bellyache! However, if I'm eating out I won't order anything healthy!! That's for at home!