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    Thursday, 30 March 2017


    We're trying to save really hard at the moment. So besides paying the bills and buying enough food to survive the month, I'm on a spending lock-down.

    That doesn't mean I can't window shop though right? So here's this month's round-up of the things I'd buy if I actually had some money...

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    Tuesday, 28 March 2017


    My motivation levels have been on the floor recently - like honestly, non-existant. I've fallen out of my gym routine, I've been really CBA when it comes to my blog and I generally haven't been that much fun to be around because #moody.

    Part of it, I blame on the weather. I'm 98% sure I have seasonal effective disorder (it would explain a lot) so now the sun actually sticks around and it's light past half 6, I'm hoping I start perking up - for everyone's sake.

    So there's that and also the fact that I need a bloody good hair cut. Does anyone else feel like their hair dictates their mood? Seriously, hear me out on this one. On the days I (rarely) wash my hair, I've noticed I immediately feel SO much better. It usually prompts me to put on make-up and a nice outfit and my work colleagues always compliment me on hair-wash days, which you think would encourage me to do it more often, but the amount of effort required to wash, blow-dry and style my hair, I usually just revert to putting it in a messy bun.

    What was the point I was trying to make? Oh yeah, the fact that this whole lazy girl's attitude towards my hair recently has meant that I haven't had it cut in ages and it's just making me feel a whole lot of eurgh about everything. 

    As a little kick up the bum to get an appointment booked in, I've rounded up some tips for taming dry, damaged hair to remind myself of all the good reasons for taking care of your locks.
    Try telling that to a sixteen year old me. I used to wash my hair every single day - sometimes twice - because my hair was so goddamn greasy. This is actually the worst thing you could do for your hair because you're stripping out all the essential oils and it basically means your hair over-compensates by creating more oil so you're just stuck in one giant vicious loop. You only really need to wash your hair two - three times a week max so just make BFFs with your bottle of Batiste.

    Again, tell that to sixteen year old me. Despite flying in the face of everything I thought I knew about haircare - putting oils through your locks actually helps to smooth and nourish your hair, leaving it super shiny. Moroccan or argan oil is my treatment of choice - it's packed with Vitamin F and E and leaves your hair feeling super swishy.

    I think everyone knows heat is bad for your hair. Everyone also knows it's virtually impossible to style your hair nicely without heat so you've kind of got to make your peace with it BUT did you know it's actually cool air which helps set your style the best? It also stops your hair from 'cooking' when you blow-dry it and it locks in all that lovely shine.

    To help limit further damage, I only use straighteners on my hair once a week and I try to use a heat-protecting spray and a low-heat setting on the days I do.

    A bit like your skin, you should treat your hair to regular masks and treatments to keep it in good shape. Olaplex is one of the biggest beauty techniques at the moment which does wonders for your tresses. It's an in-salon treatment, loved by the Kardashians, which works to strengthen broken bonds in you hair and 'undo' a lot of the damage caused by over-coulouring. It's a little pricey but well worth the results!
    I need to take my own advice here and remember to book in regular hairdressing appointments. The best way to keep your hair in good condition is by getting it trimmed regularly I'm almost embarrassed by how rarely I visit my hair-dresser so if there's one thing we both should take way from this, it's to book in for a cut ASAP!

     Any hairdressing tips you can send my way?

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    Monday, 27 March 2017


    I only really got 'into' drinking coffee about a year or so ago. Aside from the occasional Starbucks trip (because Caramel Macchiatos are bae) and the odd latte if I went out for breakfast, I just sort of stuck to drinking (a lot) of tea. 

    Somewhere along the line I moved across to drinking coffee in the mornings at work and now, for better or for worse, I don't really know how I ever went without. 
    Ahead of UK Coffee Week (yep it's a thing - more on that in a minute), I've been trying out a new way of drinking my morning cup of the black stuff - in a tea bag!

    Yep. Lyon's has introduced coffee in bags and it turns out to be a bit of a revelation. Rather than containing instant granuales, Lyons has packed each little bag with freshly roasted ground coffee,  meaning you can have a perfect cuppa - even on the go. 
    And I have to say I've been quite impressed. It's a hell of a lot easier than using a cafetiere or a percolator (because who even has time for that? ) and way less fiddly than filter coffee meaning they're perfect for using at work or even when you're travelling.
    You make it exactly the same way you would a cup of tea. Leaving it to brew for three to four minutes (or longer if you like it strong!), add your milk and your good to go!
    Plus during UK Coffee Week, you can drink it knowing that you're doing your bit for charity too. Between 10th-16th April, thousands of coffee shops across the UK will be taking part in Coffee Week, a nationwide celebration of which raises funds for Project Waterfall, to help provide clean drinking water to coffee growing communities in Africa.

    Double thumbs up from me. A box of 18 costs just £2.60 so throw some in your basket next time your in Tesco or Sainsbury's and you'll save a fortune on your normal Starbucks coffee runs!

    What do you think? Would you try coffee in bags?

     * This post was sponsored by  Lyons Coffee

    Wednesday, 22 March 2017


    One minute I'm saying I never go to Victoria and now it seems I can hardly keep away.

    I always do this when I find somewhere I like. I rinse and rinse and rinse it until I'm completely bored and never want to go there again (I do this a lot with songs too e.g. the new Ed Sheeran album am-i-right?). BUT anyway for now - I am completely loving the new Nova complex opposite Victoria station which I guess means you should all get used to seeing a lot more of my favourite restaurant recommendations for the foreseeable...

    And first on that list is M. I'd heard plenty of good things about the mysteriously named 'M' so when I spied it on the list of Bookatable Star Deals, I snapped up a table and headed straight there to see what the fuss was about. 
    Aside from sharing it's name with the character from a spy novel, M is actually a swanky steak restaurant and a pretty bloody good one at that. It's run by the former managing director of Gaucho (so you know he knows a thing or two about steak) and oozes glamour with it's slick, modern dining room.

    The restaurant prides itself on serving the best cuts of steak from around the globe, with the menu putting a real emphasis on the high-quality ingredients. You'll find steaks from suppliers on every continent, from the highly prized Australian Blackmore Wagyu through to beef from South Africa, France and the USA.
    There's plenty of choices aside from steaks on the main menu too with pork belly, fish and risotto on offer but I'd definitely recommend trying the Bookatable menu. For £29.50 per person you can enjoy a four course dinner (which includes steak!) and a glass of bubbly - what's not to love?
    First up you're served the intriguing-looking black taramasalata which comes drizzled with smoked olive oil and crisp wafer thin toasts. It gets it's dark colour from black curry powder and is whipped up into the lightest of mousses - so tasty and the perfect way to start off your meal.
    Next you can choose between a sashimi or vegetable tempura platter so we opted for the sushi (obvs). You're presented with a platter full of thick, delicately sliced salmon, tuna and open blue cobia with a decent amount of wasabi, ginger and soy. I love sashimi and the fish here is super fresh  and just the right amount to share. For the main event, there's just one choice: steak. A generous 400g slab of Irish rump, cooked to order, and served with wilted, buttery greens, crisp chips and a chimichurri sauce - all designed for sharing.  
    Unfortunately we did have a little hiccup with our steak. We'd ordered ours medium rare but when it came up it was closer to well-done so we had to send it back. I hate complaining in restaurants, it makes me uncomfortable and awkward but overcooked steak is one of those real bug-bears I can't overlook. 

    The staff were brilliant though. They immediately took our dinner back to the kitchen and re-cooked not just our steak but all the sides and re-filled our bubbly, completely putting us at ease. As soon as our freshly cooked dinner hit the table, it was perfect. The way the waiters and manager dealt with our complaint made all the difference and this tiny blip didn't impact our dinner or evening in the slightest. 
    And it's a good job too because the pudding isn't one to be missed. If you've got room (and I say if as though anyone doesn't have room for dessert?) you can tuck into mini doughnuts stuffed with either lemon curd or chocolate mousse. They're the perfect little mouthful to take the edge off your rich, decadent feast!
    What a feast, aye? Overall we both really enjoyed M. The staff were super attentive and helpful and couldn't do enough for us, especially following our little mix up with the main course. Value-wise, the Booktable deal is absolutely spot on and I highly recommend you make the most of it. It's available to book for lunch or dinner Monday-Saturday until 13th May! What are you waiting for?!

    Cardinal Place, 
    74 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E

    * I was invited to review by Bookatable
    Our food was complimentary but opinions are totally honest
    M Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Friday, 17 March 2017


    Until recently, I've never really had any reason to go to Victoria. Unless you count going to the station.

    There was that one time for my twentieth birthday when we went to Pacha (omg I feel old) and there was the occasional outing when I worked across the river in Battersea...BUT for the most part, it's not somewhere I'd think to go.

    But that's all changing now, because Victoria has Nova. Yep, a bright, sparkly new development of restaurants, bars and shops which have popped up, firmly with the intent of putting Victoria on the map...and I have to admit, it's all getting a bit exciting.

    Amongst all the shiny new restaurants, you'll find a Bleeker Street down the road (for the BEST burgers), Jason Atherton's new place Hai Cenato (for New York meets Italian) and then there's Aster where you can get, drum roll please, Nordic meets French dining.

    It's right opposite the station and it's THE perfect place to kill some time while you wait for your train. Come on, I'll give you a quick look around...
    Aster is the latest opening for the super trendy D&D group - you know the guys behind 100 Wardour Street, Bluebird and the German Gymnasium. It's a multi-level space with a cafe, deli and restaurant spread across it's two stunningly decorated floors.

    My favourite part though? It's got to be the wine bar on the ground floor and the dedicated cellar on the second which are both packed with some incredible bottles of wine. Each has been selected to go perfectly with head chef Helena Puolakka's menu of Nordic meats and smoked fish - but best of all, they all come at affordable prices (I'm talking about £5 a glass here!)
    What you have in terms of food very much depends on what part of Aster you'll be eating in! The cafe is on the ground floor as you walk in where you can order a Smörgåsbord of dishes including  herrings, pickles and meats. Upstairs, you'll find the main restaurant which has more of a fine-dining feel with a menu of arctic char, fillet steak and milk fed lamb shoulder.
    But equally you can just pop in for drinks like we did and make use of the bar snacks menu! A bowl of olives or nuts will set you back £3 or you can order a mini cheese platter for £11 - all that coupled with a £5 glass of wine and you've got yourself a purse friendly feast while you wait for your train! All in the most decadent of settings. 
    Aster is open from 7am-10.45pm midweek and from 9am on the weekends - I definitely recommend you pop in, even if it's just for a glass of their fabulous wines! 

    150 Victoria Street
    London, SW1E 5LB
    * We were guests of Aster Victoria
    All opinions are completely honest
    Aster Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Saturday, 4 March 2017


    It's been six months since I made space in my little flat for Tom to pack up his things and move in - and for the most part it's been the best SIX months ever. 

    It's not just the fact we no longer have to travel over 200 miles to see each other or that I now get to see him every single day rather than just at weekends. It's also that living with your boyfriend is a lot like living with your best friend, only you also get cuddles and kisses thrown in too.

    And while I'd love to say it's all sunshine and rainbows, there are a few little things you learn when you start living with your boyfriend...1. No matter how many times you show them how it works, the clothes will always be placed on or next to the washing basket. Never inside. 

    2. The same goes for empty packets being placed flirtingly close to the bin. 

    3. And despite clearly seeing the bin is full, he won't realise it needs to be taken out until asked. four or five times. 

    4. When he does decide to do some house-work, he'll do so while muttering about how 'this place would fall apart' if it wasn't for him. Bless.

    5. You'll find out that he plays video games a lot more than you realised pre-living together. Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, even bloody Panda Pop and no, he's not listening to you 98% of the time he's on them. 

    6. You'll also discover, his mood is directly correlated with how said game is going. Believe me, it's a dark day when his team loses on Fifa. 

    7. Despite buying ALL of the shampoos and conditioners he could ever need, he'll still be instantly drawn to your very expensive conditioner. Like the little magpie he is. 
    8. It also dawns on you that you definitely left the house a lot more when you lived separately - and date nights meant actually going out to restaurants, rather than ordering take-away, laying on the sofa and binge-watching Netflix. Not that I'm at all complaining because sofa days FTW.

    9. You'll discover there's no end to a boy's hunger. Regardless of how big his dinner is, he's still find room for a packet of crisps, two slices of toast AND a kit-kat as a late night snack. And of course, he'll never put on ANY weight. The bastard.

    10. You on the other hand, will. Because if he's having a Cherry Bakewell with his cuppa then you have to have one too right?

    11. You'll also realise that you have mini-tantrums over the stupidest and most irrational things and then wonder why he ever agreed to live with you

    12. But then you remember that he did and despite all of these things, you wouldn't change it for the world because living with your BFF is the best.