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    Saturday, 4 March 2017


    It's been six months since I made space in my little flat for Tom to pack up his things and move in - and for the most part it's been the best SIX months ever. 

    It's not just the fact we no longer have to travel over 200 miles to see each other or that I now get to see him every single day rather than just at weekends. It's also that living with your boyfriend is a lot like living with your best friend, only you also get cuddles and kisses thrown in too.

    And while I'd love to say it's all sunshine and rainbows, there are a few little things you learn when you start living with your boyfriend...1. No matter how many times you show them how it works, the clothes will always be placed on or next to the washing basket. Never inside. 

    2. The same goes for empty packets being placed flirtingly close to the bin. 

    3. And despite clearly seeing the bin is full, he won't realise it needs to be taken out until asked. four or five times. 

    4. When he does decide to do some house-work, he'll do so while muttering about how 'this place would fall apart' if it wasn't for him. Bless.

    5. You'll find out that he plays video games a lot more than you realised pre-living together. Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, even bloody Panda Pop and no, he's not listening to you 98% of the time he's on them. 

    6. You'll also discover, his mood is directly correlated with how said game is going. Believe me, it's a dark day when his team loses on Fifa. 

    7. Despite buying ALL of the shampoos and conditioners he could ever need, he'll still be instantly drawn to your very expensive conditioner. Like the little magpie he is. 
    8. It also dawns on you that you definitely left the house a lot more when you lived separately - and date nights meant actually going out to restaurants, rather than ordering take-away, laying on the sofa and binge-watching Netflix. Not that I'm at all complaining because sofa days FTW.

    9. You'll discover there's no end to a boy's hunger. Regardless of how big his dinner is, he's still find room for a packet of crisps, two slices of toast AND a kit-kat as a late night snack. And of course, he'll never put on ANY weight. The bastard.

    10. You on the other hand, will. Because if he's having a Cherry Bakewell with his cuppa then you have to have one too right?

    11. You'll also realise that you have mini-tantrums over the stupidest and most irrational things and then wonder why he ever agreed to live with you

    12. But then you remember that he did and despite all of these things, you wouldn't change it for the world because living with your BFF is the best. 


    1. This was really fun to read! Me and my boyfriend are currently saving for a house, I can't wait to move in with him! xx

    2. Ha love this! My bf tends to leave empty packets in the fridge and cupboard, sooo annoying! Luckily he makes a good cuppa!

    3. Ha ha I love this!! Can I add with the washing basket that no matter how many times you ask them not to scrunch their socks into a ball, they will not do it, and you end up having to unfurl someone else's grubby sock. (Vom).