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    Monday, 27 March 2017


    I only really got 'into' drinking coffee about a year or so ago. Aside from the occasional Starbucks trip (because Caramel Macchiatos are bae) and the odd latte if I went out for breakfast, I just sort of stuck to drinking (a lot) of tea. 

    Somewhere along the line I moved across to drinking coffee in the mornings at work and now, for better or for worse, I don't really know how I ever went without. 
    Ahead of UK Coffee Week (yep it's a thing - more on that in a minute), I've been trying out a new way of drinking my morning cup of the black stuff - in a tea bag!

    Yep. Lyon's has introduced coffee in bags and it turns out to be a bit of a revelation. Rather than containing instant granuales, Lyons has packed each little bag with freshly roasted ground coffee,  meaning you can have a perfect cuppa - even on the go. 
    And I have to say I've been quite impressed. It's a hell of a lot easier than using a cafetiere or a percolator (because who even has time for that? ) and way less fiddly than filter coffee meaning they're perfect for using at work or even when you're travelling.
    You make it exactly the same way you would a cup of tea. Leaving it to brew for three to four minutes (or longer if you like it strong!), add your milk and your good to go!
    Plus during UK Coffee Week, you can drink it knowing that you're doing your bit for charity too. Between 10th-16th April, thousands of coffee shops across the UK will be taking part in Coffee Week, a nationwide celebration of which raises funds for Project Waterfall, to help provide clean drinking water to coffee growing communities in Africa.

    Double thumbs up from me. A box of 18 costs just £2.60 so throw some in your basket next time your in Tesco or Sainsbury's and you'll save a fortune on your normal Starbucks coffee runs!

    What do you think? Would you try coffee in bags?

     * This post was sponsored by  Lyons Coffee


    1. I'm not even that keen on coffee but this looks so good. Might have to treat myself to a box. :)

    2. I'm not even that keen on coffee but this looks so good. Might have to treat myself to a box. :)