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    Wednesday, 22 March 2017


    One minute I'm saying I never go to Victoria and now it seems I can hardly keep away.

    I always do this when I find somewhere I like. I rinse and rinse and rinse it until I'm completely bored and never want to go there again (I do this a lot with songs too e.g. the new Ed Sheeran album am-i-right?). BUT anyway for now - I am completely loving the new Nova complex opposite Victoria station which I guess means you should all get used to seeing a lot more of my favourite restaurant recommendations for the foreseeable...

    And first on that list is M. I'd heard plenty of good things about the mysteriously named 'M' so when I spied it on the list of Bookatable Star Deals, I snapped up a table and headed straight there to see what the fuss was about. 
    Aside from sharing it's name with the character from a spy novel, M is actually a swanky steak restaurant and a pretty bloody good one at that. It's run by the former managing director of Gaucho (so you know he knows a thing or two about steak) and oozes glamour with it's slick, modern dining room.

    The restaurant prides itself on serving the best cuts of steak from around the globe, with the menu putting a real emphasis on the high-quality ingredients. You'll find steaks from suppliers on every continent, from the highly prized Australian Blackmore Wagyu through to beef from South Africa, France and the USA.
    There's plenty of choices aside from steaks on the main menu too with pork belly, fish and risotto on offer but I'd definitely recommend trying the Bookatable menu. For £29.50 per person you can enjoy a four course dinner (which includes steak!) and a glass of bubbly - what's not to love?
    First up you're served the intriguing-looking black taramasalata which comes drizzled with smoked olive oil and crisp wafer thin toasts. It gets it's dark colour from black curry powder and is whipped up into the lightest of mousses - so tasty and the perfect way to start off your meal.
    Next you can choose between a sashimi or vegetable tempura platter so we opted for the sushi (obvs). You're presented with a platter full of thick, delicately sliced salmon, tuna and open blue cobia with a decent amount of wasabi, ginger and soy. I love sashimi and the fish here is super fresh  and just the right amount to share. For the main event, there's just one choice: steak. A generous 400g slab of Irish rump, cooked to order, and served with wilted, buttery greens, crisp chips and a chimichurri sauce - all designed for sharing.  
    Unfortunately we did have a little hiccup with our steak. We'd ordered ours medium rare but when it came up it was closer to well-done so we had to send it back. I hate complaining in restaurants, it makes me uncomfortable and awkward but overcooked steak is one of those real bug-bears I can't overlook. 

    The staff were brilliant though. They immediately took our dinner back to the kitchen and re-cooked not just our steak but all the sides and re-filled our bubbly, completely putting us at ease. As soon as our freshly cooked dinner hit the table, it was perfect. The way the waiters and manager dealt with our complaint made all the difference and this tiny blip didn't impact our dinner or evening in the slightest. 
    And it's a good job too because the pudding isn't one to be missed. If you've got room (and I say if as though anyone doesn't have room for dessert?) you can tuck into mini doughnuts stuffed with either lemon curd or chocolate mousse. They're the perfect little mouthful to take the edge off your rich, decadent feast!
    What a feast, aye? Overall we both really enjoyed M. The staff were super attentive and helpful and couldn't do enough for us, especially following our little mix up with the main course. Value-wise, the Booktable deal is absolutely spot on and I highly recommend you make the most of it. It's available to book for lunch or dinner Monday-Saturday until 13th May! What are you waiting for?!

    Cardinal Place, 
    74 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E

    * I was invited to review by Bookatable
    Our food was complimentary but opinions are totally honest
    M Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


    1. It's my local! Glad you enjoyed it.

    2. I used to have my steak cooked, then cooked again until I realized I was a moron. Got to have it perfectly pink and delicious.

      Those doughnuts look super tasty too, I wouldn't be able to resist them.