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    Thursday, 13 April 2017


    Once upon a time, Dirty Bones invited me to take part in an epic eating challenge for this blog along with one of my favourite bloggers Katy. We embarrassed ourselves with a feeble attempt at their 'Mac Attack challenge' and I'm pretty sure I've spent the last year and a half trying to work off all the food we devoured that night. 

    While our effort was a little poor, the food at Dirty Bones was EPIC so when I heard they were doing brunch, I knew I HAD to go back. 
    They've now got three sites across London (soon to be four) so we headed to the Shoreditch branch, just around the corner from BoxPark and next door to Beach Blanket Babylon. It's an old stone building with high ceilings, neon lights and loud buzzy music - setting the perfect scene for a Saturday afternoon brunch. 

    Now I'll get to the food in a minute (and it's amazing I promise) but you can't talk about brunch without drinks right? Rather than operating your standard 'Bottomless Brunch' with free-flowing prosecco, Dirty Bones offer a 'Boozy flight' which is brilliant value and WAY better for your dignity by the end of the meal! For £19 per person, you can have up to four cocktails from their killer drinks menu (I recommend the Uptown Spritz) and given cocktails are usually £9 a pop, you're basically getting two drinks free do the math!Food-wise, Dirty Bones more than lives up to it's rep with the Dirty Brunch. If there's one thing the guys at Dirty Bones know how to do, it's comfort food. Real roll your sleeves up grub.  You HAVE to start with the short-rib crumpets (£8.50). It's essentially Eggs Benedict except they use crumpets instead of english muffins (which in my opinion is a stroke of pure genius). There's two in a portion meaning it's perfect for sharing as a "starter" and you get the choice of salmon, avocado or (you'd be mad to order anything else) these short-rib beauties. 

    Each toasted crumpet is piled up with 14 hour slow-cooked short rib meat and caramelised shallots then topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Food porn at its finest!For the mains, there's plenty of choice from fried chicken and hot dogs through to waffles and pancakes. Tom went for the infamous Mac Daddy burger (£11) which we'd seen ALL over Instagram and sadly I have to admit it didn't quite live up to the hype.

    Don't get me wrong - it looks AMAZING. It's a burger topped with pulled short-rib and a whole LOAD of Mac & Cheese for gods sake! It just lacked that salty, charred taste that I love in a good burger. All the flavours sort of blurred together and felt a little under seasoned for us!
    The baked skillet though (£9) - this was one hell of a dish. Two eggs baked in a rich tomato sauce with avocado, melted taleggio cheese and a dreamy parmesan crumb - ready to be scooped up with toasted sour-dough. Definitely one of my favourites.
    We also shared a round of Breakfast fries (£5) which came in the form of skinny fries topped with two fried egg and smokey tomato ketchup. Despite looking the part for the picture, I actually could have done without the eggs on top BUT the fries themselves were perfect. Super crisp and perfectly seasoned.
    Just look at THAT spread!
    I know by this point you'll be feeling full but save room for pudding! You really don't want to miss the Banana Toblerone-Tella Waffles (£7).  IS there anything better than a baked waffle, topped with a caramelised banana, blueberry jam and salted peanut butter gelato?! Like really?
    Oh and the "coffee and doughnuts" (£6) is also a winner. A warm sugar doughnut served with a shot glass full of coffee gelato - the ideal way to take the edge of a heavy meal!
    Overall the Dirty Brunch gets a BIG thumbs up from me. Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday at all four restaurants (Kensington is currently closed for a refurb) and booking is essential! 

    Dirty Bones
    1 Club Row
    Shoreditch, E1 6JX
    * We were guests of  Dirty Bones
    Our food & drinks were complimentary but all brunch love is honest
    Dirty Bones Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


    1. The short rib crumpets had me dribbling! They look amazing. I need those in my life.

    2. Oh my god I think I just sex-wee'd a little.

    3. Talk about save the best for last... I loved the look of the skillet and crumpets but then boom, the doughnut has won me over!

    4. It's hard to have any complaints about this place. It's easy to get a drink since they actually keep enough bartenders working at once, and at Chicago event space you'll almost always find a place to sit. I love the vibe, the area, the people and the food at this place.

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