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    Monday, 24 April 2017


    There are certain restaurants I could go back to, time and time again. Reliable ones where you know you're pretty much guaranteed a good time. Places like The Diner.

    You know where you stand with The Diner. All their restaurants have the same laid-back atmosphere, killer drinks menu and you know the food is going to be good.

    I've shared my love for the Diner with you guys before - in fact it wasn't actually that long ago that I showed you around The Diner in Soho. BUT the Islington branch has just got a face-lift so I couldn't resist heading back down there and letting you in on my go-to dishes for every visit.
    Let's talk starters!
    Freakshow Chicken
    I'm a HUGE fan of the chicken wings at the Diner but for something different, you can't go wrong with the Freakshow Chicken. They're huge boneless buttermilk chicken strips which come with a hot, tangy buffalo sauce and a wedge of lime. The meat is tender and the coating is lovely and crisp.
    Super Queso
    A must order for nacho fans. You're served a skillet filled with hot molten cheese loaded with beef chili, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & jalapeƱos. The clever thing with the Diner's nachos is that the tortilla chips are stuck into the sauce rather than as a base meaning you can scoop up all the delicious toppings and each chip gets an even coating!
    Moving on to main courses....

    You can't really go to the Diner and not order one of their burgers. There's eight on the menu to choose from, including the The DCB chicken burger and the pulled pork topped Juicy Lucy. I'm a big fan of the Diablo though. The patty is made from high quality Speyside Highland beef which is freshly ground and shaped then topped with cheese, bacon, pickles and special Diner Burger sauce. 

    Taco Salad 
    For something a bit different, I'd recommend you go for the Taco Salad. It's not your typical salad - partly for the fact it comes served in a giant taco shell and also the fact it's not exactly healthy either. BUT it's got all your favourite burrito ingredients in, with the tortilla fashioned into an edible bowl. You've got shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, cheese and generous spoonfuls of sour cream, salsa and guacamole. Dreamy.
    AND Finally....Chilli Cheese Fries
    Don't even bother going if you don't order a portion of these. Obviously you could order regular fries but when you've got the option of chips topped with chilli and cheese, that would be a little silly right? Don't think of the calories, just enjoy. 

    The Diner is open 10am-10pm Sunday - Thursday and 9am till Midnight at the weekends. Oh and they take reservations!

    21 Essex Rd, London N1 2SA

    * We were guests of The Diner
    Our food was complimentary but opinions are 100% honest


    1. I never thought I'd say this about a salad when there are burgers on offer, but the taco salad does look pretty epic! Yum! I've seen a few people talking about bacon tater tots too, I need those in my life.

    2. Ah sad I missed you!! The Diner is so good, I could eat that Queso aaaaaall day!

      Jasmin Charlotte

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