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    Sunday, 23 July 2017


    OH my beautiful little blog, how I've been neglecting you! Life has been a little bit upside down recently. Work has been insanely busy, we're renovating our new cottage and every evening and weekend seems to be spent either sanding down walls or prising skirting boards off with a crowbar (oh the glamour).  

    But you know, a girl's gotta eat and I've found a new place in London which I just had to let you guys know about ASAP. Grab your jacket and I'll show you around!
    What I'm Wearing: Denim Jacket: Topman / Band T-Shirt: Champagne Life  / Shoes: Dr Marten's / Bag: Mulberry

    If you're anything like me - when you go out to a restaurant, you'll look at the menu and want to order it ALL (because greedy-problems) WELL at this place you pretty much can. 

    Ladies and gentleman, I give you Bite Me Burger: London's very own slider restaurant. 

    It's tucked away in a little basement in Holborn and it has all the american fast food diner vibes...
    At the moment they're sharing the space with Cha Chaan Teng so there's a flurry of chinese dishes being whisked out the kitchen and the interior is a blend of dark wooden panels and low lighting with little nods to the fast food diner scattered around the main dining hall. 

    They also don't serve alcohol - keeping it like a true fast food joint - so it's all soda and shakes on the drinks menu. 
    But the food menu - that's where all the magic happens. The menu is simple - there's 9 burgers on offer and you can order them in duos (£8.50), trios (£12), quads (£15) or go all in and order a dozen for £59 which comes with fries and drinks!). 

    All the mini sliders are expertly cooked, super juicy and pink on the inside and perfectly charred on the out. It's worth getting a few friends together so you can try a few. I highly recommend:

    The lambtastic - my absolute fav! A luscious lamb burger flavoured with mint, cumin and smoked yogurt, topped with jalepeno, stilton, aioli and watercress. 
    The 'Beef Encounter' - Bite Me's take on the infamous Big aged grilled beef patty topped with special burger sauce, American cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles. As close to the real deal as you'd ever get!Hawaiian - aged grilled beef patty slathered with Mezcal BBQ sauce, bacon, Swiss cheese, pineapple. Quirky but really, really good!
    The Bloody Mary - a spicy affair topped with horseradish, onion, cheddar cheese and secret Bloody Mary sauce!
    For fried chicken fans, you've got the Pluck me burer -Buttermilk fried chicken with yuzu mayo, shredded lettuce, pickle. Perfectly crunchy and better than any mini fillet you've had before!
    There's also the BC -  an Aged beef patty topped with cream cheese aioli, bacon, Brie and plenty of crispy onion. 
    And for something a little different, the American hot dog. A true traditional hot dog topped with crispy onions and slathered in tomato sauce and American mustard.
    If you've got room, it's worth ordering a round of fries to share! Cooked skin on in a little rapeseed oil and dusted with pink Himalayan salt - perfectly crisp and extremely more-ish!
    Bite Me gets a big thumbs up from us and do you know what the best part about all this is? They deliver! Either get yourself down there or order them in - ASAP!

    Bite Me Burger
    36-38 Kingsway, Holborn, London WC2B 6EY

    * We were guests of Bite Me Burger


    1. This looks like such a fun place to eat! Love the sound of the Pluck Me burger!

    2. Yum, I really like the sound of the Bloody Mary burger. I can't resist a yummy burger! Hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend. xx