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    Tuesday, 22 August 2017


    Before you go on, I must warn you: this post contains A LOT of food porn. Not that it's ever a bad thing, just you might want to have a slice of toast before reading this one because I promise it'll make you hungry.

    Here's just a little taster of what you're in for...

    See, I did warn you! Just don't blame me - blame Ben at Ben's Canteen because he's created two incredible new specials which I'm SO excited to share with you!

    I can't believe it's almost been a year since I first told you about this place. Do you remember they did that incredible burger & wine pairing menu ? Well, they're continuing to deliver on the alcohol and food front with this latest offering, starting up with the incredible Summer Frose. 
    It's a gorgeous frozen blend of  Rose wine, strawberry purée, lemon juice, sugar syrup, cranberry juice and sweet vermouth. So summery and SO refreshing!

    Make sure you order a round of those before tucking into your starters. Ben's Canteen is all about the laid-back vibes so you'll love getting hands on with the DIY Guacamole.
    It comes with all the essentials (avocado, jalapenos, salt and tomatoes) so you can make it exactly as you like!
    But if playing with your food isn't your thing - you can go for the ready assembled pulled pork nachos
    They're piled up with layers of cheese, tomatoes, guacamole and smokey pulled pork. The ultimate hangover food and so incredibly more-ish you'll need to reign yourself in for the next course. 
    And this you really don't want to miss - introducing the Ben’s Canteen x BrewDog Burger. A double beef patty tower stacked with twice-smoked cheese, streaky bacon and barbecue sauce spiked with BrewDog’s s Punk IPA - PLUS crack fries (which are eseential chips fried in BrewDog’s Kingpin batter) to give it that extra height and crunch.
    Honestly, just take another look at that beauty...
    It's the ultimate blend of juicy beef, salty bacon and you'll need a shed-load of napkins but it's SO worth it. You can only get hold of her for a limited amount of time (she's a special remember) so I highly recommend hot-footing to Ben's Canteen or one of Brewdog's pubs before the end of August! It'll be the best £12 you spend this month!

    I did promise you two specials though so brace yourself for Ben's next offering: The Juicy Lucy. 
    This majestic creation is Ben's National Burger Day entry and she's a beaut. They've taken a fragrant goat Patty (made using cabrito goat meat no less) and stuffed it with creamy Goats Cheese then topped it all of with curried Onion Marmalade, Lime, Coriander & Mint Yoghurt and Pickled Scotch Bonnet.
    It's got a real Caribbean vibe to it with one hell of kick and it's super tasty too! This one is available from now untill Mid September so you don't want to hang about on this one either! 

    Don't worry though, not everything is limited edition! I haven't even started to tell you about the Loaded Fries yet - and these beauties are a meal in themselves!

    The Buffalo Fried Chicken Fries are my favourite thing EVER. Loaded with chunks of crispy fried chicken and tossed in Ben's homemade Buffalo Sauce with lashings of Ranch dressing and chunks of Blue Cheese. The dreamiest combination.
    The Korean Chicharrones Fries are topped with deep fried Pork Belly, heaps of Kimchi, crispy seaweed, and lashing of garlic mayo and Korean Hot Sauce. It's the perfect blend of salty, spicy, umami flavours and totally different to any fries I've tried before!
    And finally, the Cheesy Chips are topped 4 different types of cheeses AND Nacho Cheese Sauce, plus a dusting of Paprika and a handful of Jalapeño.
    Feeling hungry yet? There's two Ben's Canteen in Battersea and Earlsfield - I promise you, it's well worth the trip south of the river!

    Ben's Canteen
    140 St John's Hill, Battersea, London SW11 1SL

    * I was a guest of Ben's Canteen
    Ben's Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Tuesday, 15 August 2017


    Brunches are a little like buses on the blog at the moment. I don't write about one for AGES then suddenly, I give you two in the space of a week. 

    Well, all I can say is 'you're welcome' because this week's brunch comes to you courtesy of Chotto Matte and I promise you're going to LOVE it - I know I did. 
    Chotto Matte (if you aren't familiar with it) is one of the coolest restaurants in London. They fuse Peruvian and Japanese cooking to serve up the most incredible 'Nikkei' cuisine, all in this super trendy, vibrant setting.
    Everything is effortlessly cool. From the black marble floors and concrete pillars through to the DJ who plays laid back beats while you eat. 
    It's easy to see why this place has been such a huge hit in London over the last few years and I'm really excited to be able to share the new brunch experience with you guys.

    Clocking in at £50 per person, it's a little steeper than some of the brunches I've previously featured but the quality of the food is incredible.

    And you do get a whole load of bang for your buck. Kicking off with your choice of cocktail on arrival. You'd be silly not to order the incredible Pisco sour...
    Tangy and creamy with one hell of a kick! There's also Pimm's, Bloody Marys, whisky and a pretty impressive selection of Japanese craft beers to whet your whistle before an epic five course feast.
    Oh - and did I mention you get half a bottle of prosecco or wine per person too? Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

    First up is the Peruvian classic ceviche. A perfectly arranged plate of sea bass sashimi dotted with chunks of sweet potato, red onion and Peruvian corn in the most delicious leche de Tigre (or 'tiger's milk) dressing. 

    I adore Leche de Tigre - it has this incredible citrusy flavour with just a subtle hint of spice. All I know is that you'll want a spoon to scoop it all up before the waiter whisks your plate away. 
    The Nikkei Sepia calamari is ridiculously good too. Salty and wonderfully crisp - perfect after a generous dunk in the silky aji Amarillo emulsion.
    Next a Sushi lovers dream. Six pieces of hand-made sushi presented on a jaw-dropped platter which takes centre-stage at your table.

    There's Maguro (tuna), Hotategai (scallop), Sake (salmon), Hamachi (yellowtail) and the Suzuki (seabass). 
    Each is topped with expertly cut slivers of the highest-grade fish and decorated like little jewels. It's some of the freshest fish I've tasted and really exceptional quality. 

    For your mains, there's dishes from the robata - a Japanese style grill which is favoured in restaurants like Roka and Zuma.  
    There's the 'Pollo den miso' which packs in the most incredible smokey, charred flavour. It's made up of slices of chicken marinated in miso and served with carrot, daikon, yellow chili salsa and more of the delicious aji Amarillo dressing.
    Then there's the Sake sautéed broccoli which is perfectly cooked with just the right amount of crunch. Be warned, the dressing has a REAL citrus punch, verging on just little too bitter for me so be liberal with it!
    The 'Asado De Tira' though, this is beautiful. Generous chunks of beef short rib marinated in a sticky teriyaki jus, served with asparagus on a bed of purple potato. 

    The meat is perfectly tender and almost melts in the mouth.
    For pudding, what's better than a trio of desserts? There's the traditional Japanese favourite mochi balls, little balls of ice cream in a Mango or Green Tea flavoured casing.
    The decadent and silky smooth chocolate pot topped with honeycomb....
    and my favourite: the passion-fruit creme brulee. The perfect way to round off an incredible feast!
    We really loved the brunch offering at Chotto Matte. The quality of the food and the service is exceptional so you can see why it demands a higher price tag. While it's not somewhere you'd pop to every weekend, it makes the perfect venue for a special occasion.

    If I was being really picky, I'd say that for £50, I would expect the prosecco offering to be bottomless (like it is over at Roka) but that didn't take away from us having a brilliant afternoon. 

    If you've got a birthday or anniverary coming up, make sure you reserve a table - and make sure you get that perfect Instagram snap on your way out! 
    What I'm Wearing: Dress: Primark / Sunglasses: Noughts & Kisses / Shoes: Office

    Chotto Matte
    11 - 13 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 4RB

    * We were guests of Chotto Matte
    Chotto Matte Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Sunday, 13 August 2017


    Is summer here or not? Because I really can't keep up with the forever changing weather in the UK right now. Like - am I meant to be wearing jumpers to work - or are we still in open toed sandals?

    Whatever is going on, its really causing havoc for my blog post schedule. Every time I've got something nice and summery to share you - it pours with rain.

    This time though, I'm throwing caution to the wind and just hitting publish - because this ice cream cocktail recipe is just TOO good to sit on. 
    Yep, today I'm sharing a summery whisky affogatto recipe - made using anCnoc 12 year single malt.
    Now I'd love to take all the credit for this recipe but I can't because it was dreamed by the guys over at anCnoc (pronoucned a-nock if you were wondering). 

    If you're a whisky fan - you'll love this stuff. It's a soft, aromatic blend with hints of honey, vanilla and lemon - which is why it works so well with ice cream.
    It's super easy to knock one of these together. All you do is add two generous scoops of Vanilla ice-cream to a Martini glass and pour a little anCnoc’s 12 year old directly on top.
    Let it melt down a little so it all infuses and et voila - you've got yourself a cool creamy cocktail with one hell of a warming kick!
    Perfect for next dinner party or BBQ - weather permitting! You can pick up a bottle of AnCnoc 12 year single malt for just over £30 over at the Whisky Exchange! Cheers!

    *This post was sponsored by AnCnoc Whisky
    Always drink responsibly 

    Thursday, 10 August 2017


    Finding somewhere good to go for brunch in London is easy. There are SO many brilliant places, the list is endless - but finding somewhere good to go for Bottomless Bubbles close to where I live (out in the sticks) that's an entirely different situation.

    Don't get me wrong - I love heading into town - it's just sometimes you don't want to have to sit on a train for an hour after too much food and drink, you know? Well, my first-world problems have been answered...all thanks to the Botanist in Marlow.
    The Botanist is one of my favourite 'local' restaurants. I say local because there's actually 14 dotted around the country but they've all got the same homely, quaint, shabby chic vibe.

    The branch in Marlow has just launched a brand new Bottomless Brunch so we popped down last weekend to check it out - and it's a steal.

    For £25, you get a dish from their special brunch menu along with cocktails on tap for 90 minutes and live music. Like any good brunch, there's free-flowing prosecco - or you can go for one of their killer cocktails (I wholeheartedly recommend the pink grapefruit and peach sangria!). 
    If you're feeling hungry, go for the classic Full English. Not only is the crockery beautiful but it's topped with a HUGE feast including a 4oz cumberland sausage, smoked streaky bacon, baked beans, black pudding, roasted mushrooms and grilled tomato. All that plus toast, tomato jam and your eggs - cooked exactly how you like.  
    If you're more into Eggs Benedict style dishes then you're spoilt for choice. You can order the poached eggs on toast with a whole host of different toppings from honey roast ham and hollandaise or roast garlic mushroom and spinach through to the smashed avocado with homemade tomato jam.

    Or just keep it classic with smoked salmon with a generous helping of hollandaise and chives. 
    My absolute favourite dish though? The breakfast burger. Cumberland pork patty, smoked streaky bacon, Gruyère cheese, tomato jam and a fried egg sandwiched between two burger buns #DREAMY.
    What better way to spend a Saturday morning in the suburbs? If you want to be involved, the Botanist Bottomless Brunch is only available on the first Saturday of every month so you need to get booking ASAP to avoid disappointment.

    The Botanist
    48 West Street, Marlow, SL7 2NB

    * We were guests of The Botanist
    The Botanist Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Friday, 4 August 2017


    Hold the phone girl because I have something important to tell you...

    There's a new sparkling wine bar in London and you REALLY need to get yourselves down there - like ASAP. 
    Exciting news right?! Don't worry, I've got all the details for you....

    So it's down on Brewer Street (you know the one just behind Piccadilly circus), there you'll find a gallery called The Lights of Soho.
    For 10 weeks, 'Fiz' has taken up a residency here - and believe me when I say it's incredible!

    The Lights is usually a private members bar come art gallery (just take a look around at all that neon!?). It's filled with bright lights and quirky paintings...
    and for the time meaning - lots and lots of wine.   
    The idea behind Fiz is simple. It's a wine bar for people who don't take themselves too seriously.

    They don't care if you don't know grape varieties or if you can't pronounce the name of the bottle - all they care about is that you have a good time and enjoy a few glasses of bubbly!
    Everything is super casual, social and light-hearted. You can either pull up a stool at one of the tables or find yourself a little area to mingle in with your mates. 

    When you're ready you order over the bar and your food and drinks are served within minutes. 
    The bubbles here are obviously the star of the show - and you can order everything from a classic cava through to a sparkling red. 

    Plus everything is at really reasonable price points. The most expensive glass is £9 (an Austrian Sulphate-free number) but most are priced around the £4.50 mark - with a bottle of the house fizz coming in at £22!
    The food is pretty impressive too. Make sure you order a round of sliders to share - there's shredded duck or pastrami but my favourite is the pork belly buns. 

    They come topped with a red cabbage and jalapeño slaw, crackling crumb and rhubarb sauce. 4 quid each or you can order all three for £11.
    I definitely recommend the cured meat board too. Pilled up with generous slices of pork collar, chorizo salami and serrano ham - plus mini gherkins and toasted charcoal sourdough so you can build the perfect mouthful. 
    Finish off with another round of bubbles...and one of their dreamy chocolate orange or cornflake pots. Perfect. 
    If you like 80s grooves, good food and lots of fizzy wine, I suggest you get down there before they close their doors at the end of the month! Cheers!

    25 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0RX
    * We were guests of Fiz