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    Friday, 4 August 2017


    Hold the phone girl because I have something important to tell you...

    There's a new sparkling wine bar in London and you REALLY need to get yourselves down there - like ASAP. 
    Exciting news right?! Don't worry, I've got all the details for you....

    So it's down on Brewer Street (you know the one just behind Piccadilly circus), there you'll find a gallery called The Lights of Soho.
    For 10 weeks, 'Fiz' has taken up a residency here - and believe me when I say it's incredible!

    The Lights is usually a private members bar come art gallery (just take a look around at all that neon!?). It's filled with bright lights and quirky paintings...
    and for the time meaning - lots and lots of wine.   
    The idea behind Fiz is simple. It's a wine bar for people who don't take themselves too seriously.

    They don't care if you don't know grape varieties or if you can't pronounce the name of the bottle - all they care about is that you have a good time and enjoy a few glasses of bubbly!
    Everything is super casual, social and light-hearted. You can either pull up a stool at one of the tables or find yourself a little area to mingle in with your mates. 

    When you're ready you order over the bar and your food and drinks are served within minutes. 
    The bubbles here are obviously the star of the show - and you can order everything from a classic cava through to a sparkling red. 

    Plus everything is at really reasonable price points. The most expensive glass is £9 (an Austrian Sulphate-free number) but most are priced around the £4.50 mark - with a bottle of the house fizz coming in at £22!
    The food is pretty impressive too. Make sure you order a round of sliders to share - there's shredded duck or pastrami but my favourite is the pork belly buns. 

    They come topped with a red cabbage and jalapeƱo slaw, crackling crumb and rhubarb sauce. 4 quid each or you can order all three for £11.
    I definitely recommend the cured meat board too. Pilled up with generous slices of pork collar, chorizo salami and serrano ham - plus mini gherkins and toasted charcoal sourdough so you can build the perfect mouthful. 
    Finish off with another round of bubbles...and one of their dreamy chocolate orange or cornflake pots. Perfect. 
    If you like 80s grooves, good food and lots of fizzy wine, I suggest you get down there before they close their doors at the end of the month! Cheers!

    25 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0RX
    * We were guests of Fiz

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