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    Sunday, 13 August 2017


    Is summer here or not? Because I really can't keep up with the forever changing weather in the UK right now. Like - am I meant to be wearing jumpers to work - or are we still in open toed sandals?

    Whatever is going on, its really causing havoc for my blog post schedule. Every time I've got something nice and summery to share you - it pours with rain.

    This time though, I'm throwing caution to the wind and just hitting publish - because this ice cream cocktail recipe is just TOO good to sit on. 
    Yep, today I'm sharing a summery whisky affogatto recipe - made using anCnoc 12 year single malt.
    Now I'd love to take all the credit for this recipe but I can't because it was dreamed by the guys over at anCnoc (pronoucned a-nock if you were wondering). 

    If you're a whisky fan - you'll love this stuff. It's a soft, aromatic blend with hints of honey, vanilla and lemon - which is why it works so well with ice cream.
    It's super easy to knock one of these together. All you do is add two generous scoops of Vanilla ice-cream to a Martini glass and pour a little anCnoc’s 12 year old directly on top.
    Let it melt down a little so it all infuses and et voila - you've got yourself a cool creamy cocktail with one hell of a warming kick!
    Perfect for next dinner party or BBQ - weather permitting! You can pick up a bottle of AnCnoc 12 year single malt for just over £30 over at the Whisky Exchange! Cheers!

    *This post was sponsored by AnCnoc Whisky
    Always drink responsibly 

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