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    Tuesday, 28 November 2017


    I think I could be in the minority here but...I feel SO Christmassy already this year! It’s not even December yet but Heart Extra Christmas is already on the radio, my present shopping is well underway - and if my house wasn't currently a building site I would 100% have my tree up by now. 

    And I suppose the fact that AEG had me cooking up festive recipes at Taste of London last week could also have something to do with it....
    I'm sure you guys are already familiar with Taste of London - it's the HUGE food festival which is held in Regent's Park every year. 

    It usually takes place right at the height of summer but for the last few years, they've also held a winter edition over at the Tobacco Dock and it’s the PERFECT way to get yourself into the festive spirit. 
    They deck the whole place out with Christmas trees and twinkly fairy lights, have live bands serenade you with Christmas songs - all while you're surrounded by incredible smells and delicious food  (sounds perfect right?)

    As with all the Taste of London festivals, it's a great chance to explore some of the best food London has to offer. Not only can you taste dishes from some of Londons' best restaurants like Chai Wu....
    and Les 110 de Taillevent......
    but you can also discover artisan products from smaller but equally passionate producers. There's everything from home-brewed teas and slabs of meat through to luxury chocolate and home-made bakes - perfect for sampling as you make your way from stand to stand. 
    The other great thing about Taste of London is how interactive it all is. There's SO many great foodie talks and demos through the course of the weekend and this year, AEG was hosting a series of baking events with GBBO favourite Richard Burr and Gluts and Gluttony founder Kathy Slack - which I was lucky enough to be a part of. 

    The sessions gave us the chance to prepare some delicious festive dishes - all whilst getting hands-on with all the appliances in the AEG mastery range - which was fab, as funnily enough, Tom and I have just bought all new AEG appliances for the cottage!
    There were stand mixers for preparing pastry, steam ovens so we could create the perfect bake and fabulous induction hobs and pans for preparing a delicious Christmas chutney. 

    I LOVED this chutney so much, I've already made up a batch at home and I'm planning to make another ahead of Christmas Day itself so I wanted to share the recipe with you. 

    First off we used the AEG stick mixer (which I have fallen in LOVE with) to finely dice a red onion. I'm not being over-dramatic but this thing is incredible - it literally chopped the onion in all of about 2 seconds and I've never been so excited! 

    This then goes into a saucepan to be softened down over a low heat. 
    Next you add 130g of cranberries, 100g of caster sugar, a good pinch of salt and cayenne pepper and a splash of red wine vinegar...
    plus the zest and juice of half an orange for good measure. 
    Give it a stir for about 10 minutes until the sugar melts down...

    then crank up the heat and let it all simmer down until your cranberries burst open....
    Slowly but surely it'll start to thicken into the most incredible, tangy chutney which is perfect to serve alongside warm, flaky puff pasty sausage rolls. You really don't get much more Christmassy than that!
    A massive thank you to AEG for inviting me along...I can safely say an AEG Stick Mixer is at the TOP of my Christmas list! Oh and if you're keen to get in on the Taste of London action...there's only 197 days until Taste of London 2018!

    * This post was sponsored by AEG

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