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    Monday, 15 January 2018


    There's been a fair few pizza recommendations on this blog recently - and while I know you guys love a good pizza place - I thought it was time to show you something new. Something completely different in-fact! It's called Hot Pot and I have a feeling you guys are going to love it!

    Now don’t be fooled, I’m not talking about Betty's Lancashire Hot Pot, no - this is Hot Pot or 'Hou Guo', a traditional broth-based cooking experience which originated in Asia - and it's SO much fun!

    You'll find the restaurant tucked away under the glittering gateway to China Town on Wardour Street in Soho. Chinatown in Soho London
    The restaurant has a really intimate yet relaxed vibe complete with lots of dark wooden panelling, polished brass lighting and hints of traditional red dotted through-out.
    red dining table
    At every table you'll find an electric hot-plate...which is where the magic happens.

    I'd never tried Hot Pot before but the concept is really simple. You start by choosing from the selection of eight highly flavoured broths...
    menu for hotpot soho
    You then pick your fresh ingredients to help add even more depth. You'll definitely want to start with some of the luscious veggies like cabbage, mushroom and lotus root to help bulk your broth out...basket of mushrooms
    and there's a selection of meats including steak, free-range chicken and cuts of pork...
    platter of meatplus the most incredible fresh seafood.
    Platter of seafood
    This platter was actually my favourite. A whole array of seafood presented on crushed ice with everything from razor clams and scallops through to fillets of salmon and skewered prawns.
    platter of seafood
    All you need to do to get cooking is fire up the Hot Pot, bring your broth to the boil and start adding in your ingredients according to the cooking times provided...
    Menu with instructions for hotpot
    The beauty of the Hot Pot is, the more ingredient that you add, the more flavourful your broth becomes!

    We decided to try two different broths, the 'Tom Yum' - a spicy hot & sour soup and the 'Thai Green Curry'. The Tom Yum is a deliciously spicy option which is great for chilli lovers - it's not too hot (like the fiery Mala version) but is balanced out with lemongrass, lime and coriander. I'd say this was my favourite.

    The Thai Green Curry was also delicious. Our waitress explained this broth is very popular with Western customers and for good reason too - it's fairly mild but packs in the most incredible flavour which only intensifies as you add more ingredients to your broth.
    chinese hotpot in bowl
    The other important element of the Hot Pot is the dipping station, where you can create your own sauces to help flavour your meats.
    dipping sauce station
    It's all very DIY so you can either recreate the 'house' sauces by following their suggested recipes or use the ingredients to mix up creations of your own...fresh chillisThe other thing I loved about Hot Pot was how incredibly healthy it is. All the broths are cooked fresh every single day using a variety of over 50 ingredients and all the food is boiled rather than fried so there's no sneaky oils being added to your dinner. You can also re-fill your broth as many times as you like making it incredibly good value (although bear in mind that it is deceptively filling!)
    using chopsticks to eat hotpot
    Overall we loved Hot Pot. It's a really fun, social way to eat so I'd definitely recommend it for groups of friends or even for dates if you're looking for a unique experience (and it would definitely help break the ice!). They're open seven days a week from 12pm till late and unlike a lot of places in Soho - you can book!

    Hot Pot Restaurant
    17 Wardour Street, London W1D 6PJ

     * We were invited to review Hot Pot


    1. This looks so good - I miss hot pot from when I lived in Asia. I'll have to make a visit.

    2. Appreciate you blogginng this