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    Monday, 19 February 2018


    Do you know what I've always found weird? When I was at school...I hated studying...but now I've finished and entered the world of work, I love finding opportunities to develop myself. In the last six months alone, I’ve studied photography at Leith’s cookery school, undertaken a Personal Assistant diploma with NCC Learning and most recently, I’ve enrolled to become trained in the art of gel manicures with Bio Sculpture.

    So what brought about this latest venture? Well, last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Mondrian hotel to spend an afternoon with the Bio Sculpture team, learning all about the brand - and aside from being on the receiving end of their gorgeous manicure treatments, I was able to find out how I could make Bio Sculpture work for me...even as a potential income stream.
    BioSculpture Gel polishes
    If you’re not familiar with the brand, they are the undeniable leaders in gel manicures, coming to market in 1988 - years before competitors such as Shellac or Gellish. I've always been a big fan of Bio because the whole brand is built around enhancing your natural nails. The treatment is a one-step system that actually strengthens and promotes the growth of your natural nails under the gel.
    bottles of Nail polishes on a bed
    The process is super simple. Your technician begins by filing and lightly buffing your nails before a base treatment is applied to help nourish and care for your nails. A gel colour is then applied over the top (there are over 150 colours to choose from) and cured under a UV light which leaves your nail strong but really flexible with a natural gloss or high-shine finish.

    Plus, unlike harsh acrylics, your gels actually help to nourish and care for your natural nails so your manicure will last for several weeks while your nails grow up nice and strong underneath.
    Bio Sculpture Gel Polish on nails
    But what I also love about Bio Sculpture is how passionate they are about welcoming new recruits into the brand. Rather than being a business aimed solely at trained beauticians, Bio Sculpture prides themselves on being accessible to anyone with a keen interest and a bit of passion - from young mums looking to earn some money in their 'free' time or people looking for a more flexible way to generate additional income.

    The Bio Sculpture training course is designed for all skill levels and aims to take you from zero to being qualified nail technician in three days (so perfect for even absolute beginners like me!). Once enrolled, you're taken through a dedicated training programme including one day of manicure training, one day of gel introduction training, and a brand training day, where you'll learn everything there is to know become a Bio Sculpture professional.
    Biscuit in shape of Bio Sculpture Gel PolishI'm already so excited to get started and add another string to my bow with the help of Bio Sculpture - I'll be sure to keep you updated with how I get on! If you'd like more information on Bio treatments or training opportunities, visit the BioScultpure website.

     * This post was written in collaboration with Bio Sculpture

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