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    Monday, 12 February 2018


    I think we can all agree that January felt about 167 days long this year, right? And if you were doing Dry January, I'm sure it felt even longer! Well I'm here to provide you with a little light relief in the form of a glass of vino or two (or three, or four....) by introducing you to a new wine based subscription service!

    Yep. A subscription company like Glossy Box or Gousto but this time for WINE! It's called Clara wines and it's a new AI based wine service which matches your flavour profile to the perfect wine and delivers them to your door every month...
    card address label
    The concept is super simple. You head over to, fill in a quick quiz about your favourite flavours, tastes and aromas and you're then categorised into one of twelve 'tribes' based on your results.

    Once you've been grouped into your 'tribe', a cardboard case will arrive at your doorstep every month, containing your individually selected wines...
    Brown cardboard wine box
    Each month you'll get three bottles consisting of either all white, all red or mixed (depending on which subscription you opted for) - and in theory, you SHOULD enjoy each one as it's been individually selected based on your taste profile! A bit like having your very own online sommelier!
    Brown cardboard box containing bottles of wine
    To help you understand a little more about each wine (because there is more to it than just drinking it), each bottle comes with its own handy little tasting notes too. So if you're a real wine novice like me, you might actually end up learning a thing or two!cards with description of wineSo I bet you're all dying to know how I got on? Well, I took the quiz which revealed I belong to the 'Velveteer' group - meaning I like "bold, ripe wines that can pack high alcohols, but have the intensity for dark fruit and ripe and sturdy tannins to carry it". Which I have to admit, sounds pretty bang on....
    Three bottles of wineI was matched with some of my favourite varieties so it's been great to try new wines that I know and love (like Chardonnays and Riesling) but it's also been great to test new grapes which I would never usually gravitate towards like Cabernet Sauvignon. 

    Plus, I've always been more of a wine 'drinker' than any kind of expert so it's been nice to have a bit more of an understanding of some of my favourites!Several bottles of wine
    Several bottles of wine
    At £48 for a month's subscription, it's fairly pricey but you do get what you pay for. Each of the wines included are of the highest-quality and if you're a real fan of good wine, it's definitely worth the investment! If you're tempted to try or want to find out a little more, head on over to the Clara website for more details!

    * I was gifted a three-month subscription in exchange for this review


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