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    Wednesday, 21 February 2018


    Could I be any more excited to share a blog-post with you guys?! Okay so, word of warning - if you'd don't like Friends, you should probably stop reading because there is going to be a LOT of references all throughout this post...

    Let me set the scene. Inspired by their HD Televisions Panasonic got in touch with me, setting me the challenge of working on a TV-themed post. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and eventually, I decided that I wanted to re-create a famous TV recipe...I just had to decide which one.

    Well, I've become absolutely (re)obsessed with Friends since the series became available on Netflix and I thought - you really don't get much more iconic than Rachel's 'English Trifle'! Oh. Myyyyy. Godddd.
    Strawberry trifle with fresh cream
    Now, don't panic! In the interest of tasting good and reducing the amount of food waste (because let's face it, Rachel's version tasted 'like feet"), my version uses chocolate brownie for the 'meat' layer - rather than sauteed mince and peas!

    I actually think it looks kind of realistic and I promise you, it tastes way better than the one Joey was digging into! You can find the super simple recipe below, let me know in the comments if you give it a go!
    Fresh fruit trifle with cream
    What you’ll need: 
    1 pack of ladyfingers / Trifle Sponges
    1 jar raspberry jam
    1 tin custard
    1 carton of fresh Raspberries
    3 Chocolate Cake Slices
    1 Tube of Coloured Chocolate Beans
    1 ripe banana
    1 small carton whipped cream
    Ingredients for trifle
    What you’ll need to do:
    1. Start by laying a slice of trifle sponges at the bottom of your bowl so that they cover the base.
    2. Next, spoon over your jam until the sponge is completely covered, followed by custard and a layer of raspberries.
    3. Now it's time for the meat layer! Finely chop the chocolate brownie slices till they are nice fine consistency and crumble on top of the raspberry layer.
    4. Add the green chocolate drops (AKA your 'peas' followed by another layer of sponge and sliced banana.
    Ingredients for trifle
    Ingredients for trifle being made
    5. Repeat another layer of custard then finally top with whipped cream and decorate with raspberries.
    raspberry trifle with berries on top
    And that's it you're done! Custard good, jam good, chocolate 'meat'....goood!

    * This post was sponsored by Panasonic


    1. This is incredible! I've always secretly wanted to taste that trifle... definitely going to have a go at this!

    2. Hahah I totally thought it was mince until I read it! Trifle is my faaaaveee xx

    3. For a moment I thought you actually put beef in a trifle!! Love how you re-created it, it sounds delicious! xx

      Lynsey || One More Slice