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    Monday, 19 March 2018


    I've spoken about it quite a lot on here already BUT in case you missed it, Tom and I have recently completed a huge renovation project on our new house.

    And when I say renovation, I don't just mean putting a new kitchen in or giving it a lick of paint. No. For some absurd reason, we decided to take the whole house back to bare brick-work, knock down almost every internal wall and even move the staircase. Yep, I think we're probably crazy.

    It's a little 1901 cottage and the whole project took 10 months to complete (as we did all the work ourselves). It was extremely hard work and a huge learning curve so I thought I'd share some of the surprising things I learnt along the way...
    Living Room with framed photos on the wall
    1. The things that you thought were going to be problems (like removing the chimney stacks) are actually really straight-forward - but the super simple things turn into absolute nightmares. When we came to laying the floor in our open plan living room, we discovered the floor heights were completely different at either end of the room so we had to spend weeks levelling it out before we could put the new floor down! It was either that or we'd basically have a hill in the middle of our lounge!

    2. Buying an old house basically means NOTHING will be straight or level. The floors, the walls, the window sills - none of it line-up and for a lot of people, this probably won't be too much of a problem. For Tom though - it was. He's a real perfectionist and as he's a carpenter, he had to go through and re-do absolutely everything until it was perfect - but I am SO glad he did! I can appreciate now what a difference it makes so it was well worth investing a little more time to make sure we did it all right!

    3. Nothing will ever prepare you for how dust there will be. Honestly. It gets in your hair, on your clothes, even to the point that when you blow your get what I mean. No matter how much you sweep, it just continues to appear until well after you've finished plastering the walls. I promise you, that day is a beautiful day indeed. 

    4. Your 'dream' kitchen/bathroom layout is virtually impossible because of trivial things like 'planning permission' and 'building regulations'. Bloody kill-joys. There will be a lot of ideas that you'll have along the way, which you just can't make work because they don't comply with actual building regs - so do your research before getting your hopes up!

    5. Your boyfriend will have way stronger opinions on the decor that you'd think. Like babe - I've been pinning ideas to a Pinterest board for 5 years - we're painting the living room dark blue, it's not up for debate.
    sage green kitchen with wood worktop
    6. Everything is expensive. Like way more expensive than you thought. The amount of times I got sent down to ScrewFix or ToolStation to pick up materials and nearly having a heart-attach at the price of everything! Some things are worth the investment though - like our sink or our raditators. My eyes water slightly when I think about it but seeing the result helps to ease the pain a little...

    7. Everything takes longer than you think too. You can make all the schedules in the world but you'll never stick to them - and your progress becomes 100 times slower once you've moved into the property because do you really want to get up to do renovation work on a Saturday when you could watch Netflix in bed all day? I think not...

    8. You'll turn into an awful person when you invite your friends over. Yep, you become THAT person who watches where people put their cups down and make everyone take their shoes off and scream PLEASE DON'T TOUCH THAT in your head when they look at things. But you'll chill out after the second G&T and they're your BFFs so they'll understand anyway...

    9. Throughout every step of the process, especially when you're surrounded by mess and rubble, you'll question why you ever started - but on that first night you stay there, you'll know it was all SO bloody worth it!
    Bathroom renovation before and after
    If you're interested in seeing our renovation work, we have an Instagram channel over at where we post loads of before and afters like the above! Have you done any building work? I'd love to know what you did in the comments below!

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    1. N0. 5 is the one. Me and my partner are in the middle of buying a house and EVERY TIME I show him something that I like and want to buy he turns his nose up at. I'm like ERR do you even care?!!? xx

      Lynsey || One More Slice