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    Thursday, 10 May 2018


    If you hovered over my previous write up for the Lake District, you’ll have seen that choosing the right place to stay in the Lakes can sometimes be a little tricky, especially if you’re not entirely sure of what the agenda is for whilst you’re there. Enter, my good friend Sophia. She has been lucky enough to stay in some of the most beautiful parts of the district and has a strong view that each will offer you something very different, depending on what exactly it is that you’re looking for. So, what’s the low down on The Plough at Lupton you ask?

    Is The Plough at Lupton right for me? 
    When you first arrive at The Plough at Lupton, its modest (and deceptive) exterior mightn’t get your heart racing. ‘Another country inn’ you might say. ‘Lovely.’ Situated on Cow Brow, best name ever, it is located just off the M6, meaning it’s probably not the most suitable venue for you if you’re wanting to find yourself in the heart of the Lake District. On the flip side, if you want to feel like you’re in a shabby chic, quirky and unique find which puts you nearby some of the more hidden-gem-style walks, this is where you want to be.
    What are the bedrooms like? 
    The bedrooms offer, without competition, our favourite d├ęcor of anywhere in the Lakes. Everything you want from an upmarket countryside inn, with quirks that make your stay feel extra special. There are six rooms available and we’d recommend booking the Torsin room – the Plough’s ‘Crown Jewel’ as they call it. Torsin isn’t a great deal more expensive than the other rooms on offer but it also has a lounge area and phenomenal bathroom area. It actually sleeps up to five people but if it’s just the two of you, it’s nice to have your own spacious suite, right?

    How’s the food? 
    Delicious! A cosy atmosphere and great food often go hand in hand in my opinion and The Plough has the balance just right. The deep fried camembert with rosemary, garlic and artisan bread is a perfect starter to share and the Himalayan salt chamber aged Ribeye steak with a crispy shallot salad is mouth-watering. My travel buddy went for the wild garlic and spring vegetable risotto and the flavours that came out of it were fantastic. A bit of blue cheese goes a very long way, I’ve learned! The moral of the story here is don’t underestimate this place for merely a humble inn. Its executions in the kitchen transform it into an upmarket inn with an in-demand eatery attached and I’d happily head there for a meal even without a room.
      Is it pricey? 
    The Plough at Lupton is really reasonably priced for what you’re getting. Rooms start at £80.00 but again, we’d really encourage you to get the Torisn room for £135 – you won’t regret it! The best part of this hotel – what is it? Its combination of modern, shabby chic interiors mixed with retro and quirky touches. Every room has its own record player and stack of vinyls, as well as an honesty bar, a full sized horseshoe for a keyring and coffee table books around the history of gin. I know, I know, don’t all queue at once.

    Are there any offers that I can take advantage of? 
    There are plenty of offers to take advantage of but my personal favourite is the ‘Summer Lovin’ deal. You can upgrade your stay for just £30 per couple and you’ll recieve a jug of Pimm's in the garden on arrival (weather permitting!) as well as a picnic to take away with you the following day. How cute! Are there things to do nearby? Absolutely, whilst you’re not in the heart of the Lake District, there’s still plenty to do and see. The market town of Kirby is just five miles away and is full of independent shops and picturesque views. There are also plenty of walks to take advantage of and not to mention Ingleton Waterfalls which are some of the prettiest waterfalls in England. My recommendation if you stay here is to make sure you go with your own transport as the venue is somewhat isolated.

    I need to book! 
    You can book directly through the Plough at Lupton:
    Call: 015395 67700

    The Plough
    Cow Brow, Lupton, Carnforth LA6 1PJ

     *Sophia was invited to be a guest at The Plough at Lupton

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