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    Saturday, 7 July 2018


    God bless the weekend. Honestly, is there anything better than waking up on a Saturday morning with no alarm clock and no real plans for the day ahead?

    For me, weekend mornings call for leisurly breakfasts. Breakfast that you spend a little more time making. Breakfasts that are a little more adventurous than your mid-week porridge. Breakfast that are worth getting out of bed for. And my favourite breakfast for such occasion - pain perdu with blackberry compote of course?!
    Okay so pain perdu is just a posh name for french toast but like I said, it's the weekend, we can be a little fancy. You can have it with pretty much any topping but for me, it HAS to be warm blackberries.

    This recipe doesn't use any old Blackberries though - no. This recipe was created using Driscoll’s® Victoria Sweet Blackberries. They're grown throughout the UK by specially selected growers, meaning each berry is handpicked at the peak of ripeness to ensure the best flavour is captured in every single berry.

    They're also naturally sweeter than normal blackberries (which can be quite tart) so you don't need to use as much sugar when cooking with them! AND they're packed with antioxidants, Vitamins C, E and K, as well as fibre and protein! What more could you ask for?!
    What you'll need
    For the compote
    150g Driscoll’s® Victoria Sweet Blackberries
    100ml water
    30g Caster Sugar

    For the Pain Perdu
    4 slices of brioche (cut about an inch in thickness)
    2 Eggs
    50g Caster Sugar
    100ml Milk
    What you'll need to do
    1. Pour the caster sugar & water into a saucepan and cook gently over medium heat until the sugar becomes golden and starts to melt. Make sure you keep stirring so it doesn't stick! Once melted, add your blackberries and allow to simmer on a low-heat for 5 minutes.
    2. Meanwhile, crack your eggs into a shallow dish and add your milk & remaining caster sugar before it all a good whisk.
    3. Once thoroughly stirred, dip each slice of brioche into the mix and fry in a lightly-greased pan until a lovely golden brown colour on each side.
    4. Plate up then spoon over the warm blackberry compote.
    5. Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy! I can't think of a better way to start the weekend!
    Driscoll’s® Victoria Sweet Blackberries are available from May to October and can be found in the premium ranges of all major supermarkets, as well as in specialist health stores such as Wholefoods!

    * This post was sponsored by Driscoll's Blackberries
    For more great recipe inspiration, visit the Sweet Blackberries website


    1. This looks absolutely delicious - wow!

      Lucy | Forever September

    2. This looks absolutely delicious. Thank you for including it on your blog x

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