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    Wednesday, 8 August 2018


    When you're in a long-term relationship, it's quite easy to get stuck in a bit of a 'dating rut'. Tom and I are edging towards our FOUR-year anniversary – can you believe - and we are definitely guilty of it!

    Back when it all started, when we were doing long-distance between London and Liverpool, we used to do date days nearly every weekend. We might go out for a nice dinner. Or have a picnic in the park. Or head to the beach for a leisurely stroll. But fast forward to now, when we live together, we barely ever make time to actually go out on proper ‘dates’. Well, to help get ourselves out of this funk, we’ve devised a little plan. We’ve created a date jar.
    Yep. An actual jar which sits on our dining room table and contains around 30 or so post-it notes with date ideas on. Every time we have a weekend where we have no real plans, we take it in turns to pick from the jar and go do whatever it says!
    It’s meant we actually dedicate time to doing something fun together - rather than staying in and just watching Netflix all afternoon. So I thought I'd round up some of the things we’ve ticked off…and things you could add to your own!

    I think I take for granted the fact that we have the West-End sitting right on our doorstep. There’s so many incredible shows which you can go see and you don’t have to book months in advance either. Sites like FromTheBoxOffice have some really great deals on shows, often with super short notice, meaning you can get dressed up, go see some incredible theatre and not break the bank!
    Top Golf is one of my absolute favourite date places – and not just because I always beat Tom when we go! If you’ve not been before, it’s essentially a driving range with various targets dotted around the course which you have to aim for. You get different points for each you hit and the score is kept a little like bowling!. You can order food and drink to your lanes, listen to the incredible sound-track which plays in the background and indulge in a little healthy couple’s rivalry!

    When is cocktail making ever a bad idea? You can have a few drinks together, feel like a total wally throwing your shaker around - and come home with a few new tricks up your sleeve! If you're feeling a little more fancy - why not try wine tasting? It's the perfect ice-breaker if you're a new couple and it's always great to find wines you enjoy together so you can buy a bottle to enjoy together at home!
    Now this one is a bit of a niche idea but bear with me! So...did you know you can actually climb the Monument over by Bank Station? It takes a LOT of legwork but I promise the view at the top is well worth the pay-off! It only cost £4 to go up and you get a little certificate to take home afterwards to prove you made the 311 step journey to the top!

    You obviously aren't as high up as other viewing platforms in the city (because cranes weren't around back when this baby was made) but you are OUTSIDE so you can feel the wind in your hair, making the experience so much more 'real'. Be warned though, the steps are super tight and there's only one way up and down so expect to squeeze past people on your trip to the top. If you're not good with heights, I'd maybe sit this one out....
    Any date involving food is a winner for me. There are SO many food festivals, pop-ups and markets at the moment – it would be rude not to include some of them on this list. Borough Market is the obvious one for daytime browsing but there’s loads of smaller local foodie markets dotted around London.

    I also love the pop-up venues like Dinerama & Pergola which have taken semi-permanent residencies across the Capital. Another great place I'm loving at the moment is the Prince at West Brompton Crossing. It combines four restaurants & two bars under one roof and is the perfect place to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Get yourselves a little table for two then just graze your way through all the dishes - my idea of a perfect date!
    Do you have any ways of getting yourself out of a dating funk? I'd love to hear your favourite London date venues!

    * I was gifted tickets by FromTheBoxOffice in exchange for this post 

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