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    Tuesday, 30 October 2018


    Hands up, who loves hummus? Now I’m expecting to see all your hands in the air here because everyone loves hummus, right? Well, for ALL you hummus lovers, I’ve found the perfect spot for your next brunch and it includes (dun, dun, dun) UNLIMITED hummus. Yep. Unlimited dishes of creamy, golden hummus – ready for scooping up with warm, fluffy bread. (I bet you're wondering when I'll stop saying hummus).

    You'll find it down at Bala Baya, an incredible Tel Aviv inspired restaurant down by Bankside, as part of their weekend brunch offering!
    For £8 per person, you can opt for unlimited small plates so you get a taste of all the mezze on the menu. The only catch being that if you go for this option – you have to order a main course (as if that’s ever a bad thing). 

    I suggest you kick things off with one of their incredible Gazzioni cocktails. There’s some interesting flavour combos on the menu which are surprisingly delicious – my personal recommendation being the sweet and refreshing Watermelon, Parsley and Prosecco. Next you’ll want to tackle your small plates. You don’t HAVE to go for the unlimited option – if there’s any dishes that particularly take your fancy, you can just order a larger portion – but you know me, I like to get a little taste of everything. 
     There’s a whole host of delicious dips including hummus & chickpea salsa, miso & harissa butter and tomato & green pepper relish which are perfect for slathering onto freshly baked pitta.
    You can also nibble on portions of grilled fiery Romero peppers, sweet potato, aubergine & walnut, buttery glazed carrots as well as grilled beetroot. Oh and not forgetting the tabbouleh salad! 

    As I said before, every dish is bottomless so you’re free to order as many as you want – just remember that you’ve got to save room for your main.Tom went for the Venison & Black Beans which looked incredible. Baked black beans, cooked together with rosemary & smoked duck, piled onto a wild mushroom hash and served with a venison sausage & a perfectly fried egg.
    I went with my old favourite the shakshuka - which never lets me down. Two eggs baked in a rich tomato sauce with spiced aubergine and preserved lemon, all drizzled with a date tahini. Simply delicious. Just bear in mind that it's HUGE so I would go easy on those starters if you're ordering this one!
    So what do you think? Looks really tasty, huh? If you're planning on heading down, I'd recommend booking a table or getting there early as it starts to fill up pretty fast - and no-one wants to miss out on unlimited hummus!

    Bala Baya
    Arch 25, Old Union Yard Arches
    229 Union St, London SE1 0LR

     * We were guests of Bala Baya so our meal was complimentary
    All opinions are my own

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