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    Friday, 2 November 2018


    I have to be honest and say that when I visited By Chloe, I came here, very much with the opinion that I would hate it. I’d heard some pretty scathing reviews - mainly that the food here is all style and no substance – BUT I have to say, I was actually…impressed.

    Now, you’ve probably heard of By CHLOE by now – or at least seen it! It’s a vegan ‘fast-food’ restaurant that’s been plastered all over Instagram since it launched in Covent Garden back in February (you know the ‘Guac Save the Queen’ mural I’m talking about).

    Originally from New York, it’s HUGE within the vegan community but also with a growing number of meat-eaters, mainly for the fact that they’re serving vegan ‘comfort’ food, that’s actually been made with carnivores in mind. So what exactly does a carnivore eat in a vegan restaurant?
    The Pesto Meatball Sub is a definite order. Instead of traditional meatballs, these are made from pesto, portobello mushroom and veggies, packed into a potato sub roll and slathered with delicious marinara sauce and basil pesto.

    The Quinoa Taco Salad was really good too. Chopped romaine lettuce, topped with spicy seitan 'chorizo', black beans, sweet corn, avocado, tomato and tortilla strips. So fresh and packed full of flavour!
    I'd also recommend a portion of the Air Baked Fries and the Mac & Cheese - which is actually made from a sweet potato & cashew 'cheese sauce' then topped with shiitake 'bacon' and almond parm!

    It's by no means going to convert me to vegan life BUT it's most definitely better than I'd originally expected! The one thing I would say though, is to visit the Tower Bridge restaurant. It's far less busy and the service is a lot better than the Covent Garden one!

    By Chloe One 
    6 Duchess Walk, London SE1 2SD  

    * I was invited to review by CHLOE 
    All opinions are my own and honest
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    1. I am so intrigued by this place! I was planning on going when I was in London last month but a few negative reviews put me off, I think now that the hype had died down a little I will definitely check it out next time I'm back. x