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    Friday, 14 December 2018


    Oh McDelivery – or for those not down with the lingo, McDonald’s Delivery - it’s the stuff of dreams, right? Imagine: you’re at home, get a craving for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal but you have NO intention of leaving the house – what do you do?

    Maybe you’re busy wrapping Christmas presents. Or waiting for the girls to come over before a night out - OR maybe you just had one too many drinks at the work Christmas party last night (no judgement). Well in step McDelivery to deliver those beautiful fries directly to your door.
    It's super simple to use. If you live within 1.5 miles of a participating restaurants (and there’s now over 700 of them), all you need to do is order via the UberEats app or website.

    Once you’ve selected your delivery location and chosen your nearest restaurant, you can then place your food order, pay and sit-back as your food is prepared and hand-delivered to your door.
    Most orders are with you within 20 minutes which is more than enough time to get Elf up on the TV, ready for when your food arrives! To find out if your local Maccie's delivers, just head to the  McDonald's website!

    * This post was sponsored by McDonald's

    Wednesday, 12 December 2018


    While we were out in Thailand, I ate SO much sea-food. Huge juicy prawns, fresh blue crabs and giant red snappers - almost on a daily basis. Since coming home, I’ve been on a quest to get more fish into my diet and I've found just the spot in West London where I can get my fix!

    It's a fab new spot called Bucket located over in Westbourne Grove - about a five minute walk from Notting Hill Station - where they're on a mission to serve up delicious, sustainable seafood. Some of the dishes come served by the Bucket load (hence the name) and are all designed to be big enough for sharing – but equally good enough that you’ll want to try a few to really get a flavour of the menu!
    We started with a whole array of dishes from the ‘Bites’ and ‘Small plates’ menu. First up was the deliciously creamy Taramasalata (£6) served with a generous portion of warm, home-made bread. Super light and smooth, with a sharp kick of citrus to balance out the delicate cod roe flavour. 
    The Salmon Tartare was a special on the night and prepared to absolute perfection. Big, chunky slices of fresh salmon, perfectly seasoned and served alongside a crisp toast. The texture is a lot like sashimi so is a must-order for any sushi lovers!
    Then was the Sardines on Toast (£7.50) – served with roasted cherry tomatoes and a perfectly poached egg. I felt this dish was a bit lacking in terms of the topping to toast ratio but the flavours were perfect - I just wish that there had been a little more tomato to properly round off the dish!
    We did however love the Bucket Scotch Egg! The yolk was perfectly cooked, almost set whilst still being runny, and served alongside a delicately spiced red pepper harissa mayo (£7.50).
    The main attraction though and the whole reason we were here was for the Christmas Dinner offering. For a limited time only, you’ll be able to get a whole roasted halibut cooked in lemon, rosemary and caperberry butter served alongside prawns in blankets, roast potatoes and brussell sprouts.
    It's a fabulous twist on a traditional Christmas dinner with every element cooked to perfection! I adored the flakey white halibut, which we'd been presented with at the side of the table before it was cooked for an added element of theatre - and I just LOVED the idea of prawns wrapped in bacon!

    The fish is priced per weight and the sides are £6.50 per person so you’re looking at around £26.50 per person for a decent sized piece of fish which really is incredible value for money. The staff are really helpful when it comes to ordering your fish too, advising the best weight to go for based on your appetite and I have to say, that got it absolutely spot on for us!
    We saved just about enough room for a dessert - a delicious Apple Crumble (£8) which was large enough to share. I loved that the topping was made from huge rocks of biscuit rather than fine crumbs - unlike any crumble I've had before and the perfect way to round off a great dinner!
    If you want to make the most of the Christmas sharing menu, you'll need to be quick as it will only be available until Christmas Eve! I know I'll be heading back ASAP to try the rest of the menu!

    * We were guests of Bucket London 
    Our food was complimentary but all opinions are my own

    Tuesday, 4 December 2018


    You’d have to have been living under a rock to have escaped the term ‘hygge’ over the last few years. It’s a popular Scandinavian concept which exploded onto the internet and is all about the art of being cosy – and it’s definitely something I can get on board with!

    Hygge is all about creating a warm, cosy living environment and where’s more important to get snug than the bedroom? Now the temperatures are dipping and we’re marching ever closer to Christmas, I wanted to round up all the simple little touches you can do to inject some hygge into your bedroom ready for those chillier night!
    The bed is the focal point of any bedroom so where better place to start? Obviously you’ll want super soft sheets and warm, fluffy cushions to create the ultimate sleeping environment but don’t forget the mattress itself! Your mattress is probably the most important aspect of getting a good night’s sleep and the one a lot of us neglect the most!

    By investing in a decent mattress, you’re setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep which comes with a whole host of wellbeing benefits like - improved concentration, reduced stress and an overall better mood.We were recently sent a Leesa mattress to try out and it’s absolutely transformed the way we sleep.
    The beauty behind this particular mattress lies in its three foam layers, that adjust to your body to offer the ultimate support and comfort, and reduce the chance of overheating at night. Tom and I used to get really broken sleep, waking up at different hours through-out the night, but since we’ve changed over, we both manage to sleep soundly through till morning!
    It’s super simple to order a mattress from Leesa too – you just go online, place your order and your mattress will be delivered in an impossibly compact box (can you believe they get a mattress in here?!).
    Once unboxed, it expands to full-size and is ready for you to sleep on that very evening! It’s absolutely changed my whole sleep experience and definitely the number one place you need to start if you’re looking to create a better sleep environment for yourself!

    Hands up who else is guilty of getting into bed and spending half an hour just scrolling through Twitter and Instagram before bed? Nothing disrupts your cosy vibes like online drama or fretting over late-night work emails. To help drift off to sleep, you should try to limit the amount of blue screen-time before bed so why not turn your bedroom into a 'no-phone' zone. Obviously, a lot of people rely on their phones for their morning alarm so it’s fine to keep it by your bedside, but try to refrain from reaching for it out of boredom.

    Now you’ve got the bed right, you’ll want to add the right finishing touches to create a truly relaxed environment. Fur cushions and rugs are the simplest way to add comforting texture to your bedroom and big chunky knitted blankets also help to dial up the cosy factor. Try to keep colour schemes simple by looking for shades within the same colour palette or either opt for warming tones and dark accents to add drama and mood to the room.
    If we’re kicking phones out the bedroom, let’s also ban wearing your everyday clothes too! The easiest way to get cosy is to change into your PJs the moment you get through the door! I spend the majority of my time at home in my pyjamas so I find this one easy but it’s super simple. Just limit your everyday clothes for the living room or when you actually need to leave and only lounge in your comfort wear when you’re in the bedroom!

    Is there anything more relaxing and snug that some gorgeous scented candles burning away? Candles provide soft, natural light which feel so much more snug than having your main bedroom light on (plus it’s great for your leckie bill!). Dot them in clusters of 2-3 on shelves or on the window sill to inject some real hygge comfort to your bedroom and go for scented candles for added cosiness!
    If you’re thinking of changing your mattress, make sure you visit the Leesa website to learn more about their signature bed. You will also be able to sleep well in the knowledge that you’re helping to give something back, which is built into the company’s DNA, as Leesa donate one mattress to charitable causes, for every ten sold!

    * I was sent a Leesa Mattress to review free of charge in exchange for this post