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    Friday, 14 December 2018


    Oh McDelivery – or for those not down with the lingo, McDonald’s Delivery - it’s the stuff of dreams, right? Imagine: you’re at home, get a craving for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal but you have NO intention of leaving the house – what do you do?

    Maybe you’re busy wrapping Christmas presents. Or waiting for the girls to come over before a night out - OR maybe you just had one too many drinks at the work Christmas party last night (no judgement). Well in step McDelivery to deliver those beautiful fries directly to your door.
    It's super simple to use. If you live within 1.5 miles of a participating restaurants (and there’s now over 700 of them), all you need to do is order via the UberEats app or website.

    Once you’ve selected your delivery location and chosen your nearest restaurant, you can then place your food order, pay and sit-back as your food is prepared and hand-delivered to your door.
    Most orders are with you within 20 minutes which is more than enough time to get Elf up on the TV, ready for when your food arrives! To find out if your local Maccie's delivers, just head to the  McDonald's website!

    * This post was sponsored by McDonald's


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    2. It make me feel happy that how technology changes everything. Here i got the positivity! I've searches these type of service for a long time.

    3. Life become so good! I've used this service sometimes. But truly online food delivery fills my day with happiness.