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    Sunday, 24 February 2019


    You'd have to have been living under a rock to have missed the launch of the new Dyson Airwrap towards the end of last year. It was billed as a revolution in hair-styling, swapping high-heat tongs which damage your hair, to a Coanda-effect powered styler which uses hot air to re-create bouncy, curly locks.
    I've always been a very low-maintenance kind of girl. I very rarely do anything to my hair, but I remember watching the launch video on Facebook and thinking 'I HAVE to have one of these!" The only down-side  - it's an expensive piece of kit, retailing at £399.99 which seemed pretty hard to justify.
    I was SO lucky to receive one as a Christmas present (from my very lovely family) and I have to say, it has absolutely revolutionised how I style my hair. So much so, I thought I'd show you just how easy it is to use.

    I use my Airwrap on both dry and freshly washed hair but always find styling it from wet to be the easiest. The styler comes with three different attachments (depending which kit you bought) including a mini Dyson hair-dryer, two sets of curling barrels and a heated brush. In this quick guide, I'm going to show you how I use the curlers!

    Step 1: First up, you'll want to brush through your hair to remove any knots, then I apply some styling mousse. I was recently sent some fab new hair-care products from celebrity hairdresser Leo Bancroft* which I now swear by as part of my hair routine - the volumising mousse really helps to add bounce and to hold the curl once set.
    Step 2: Using the hair-dryer attachment, rough-dry your hair on high power until it's about 80% dry before switching to the 40mm barrell attachement.
    Step 3: Next, take a small section of hair and dangle it about 10cm away from the end of the barrel. The styler will automatically 'catch' the hair and start wrapping it around the barrel as you move it towards your head. You don't need to worry about twisting or turning barrel, you just move it upward and the styler takes care of the rest!
    Step 4: When the hair is completely wrapped around the curler, give it a blast of cold air for around 8-10 seconds to set before switching off and releasing the curl.
    Step 5: Repeat this process on both sides of your hair, remembering to use both barrel attachments (one is for the left and one is for the right). It might take a couple of practices to get the knack right - and almost re-train how you curl your hair - but once you master it, it's super easy! There's also handy arrows on the curlers so you can see which direction the air will be moving from.

    Step 6: Once all your hair is complete, give it a brush through, depending on how set you want the waves to be, then I give it a good spritz with Leo Bancroft Flexible Hold hairspray to keep your curls intact.
    How simple was that?! Honestly, styling my hair now takes all of about 10 minutes. If you're intrerested in the Leo Bancroft products that I used in the post, you can pick them up from Tesco from £3. 

    * I was gifted the Leo Bancroft products which I used in this post
    All opinions are honest and my own.


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